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Sarah McGeough author of The Flamingo Family Series - Eddy Finds A Family - covering adoption

Season 2022, Ep. 24

In this episode, Ladey Adey talks with Sarah McGeough author of Eddy Finds a Family and Eddy feels at Home.

Sarah lives on the South Coast with her husband and adoptive son. She is a successful self-published author, a qualified personal performance coach and loves to help new writers ‘release their inner author' through her book coaching. 

Sarah wants to make a difference. Her tenacity, drive, and passion ensure that she is a driving force that helps children and parents understand the sensitive subject of adoption.

The Flamingo Family was created with a vision to be engaging, with vibrant characters that help support adoptive families, so that fostering, and adoption can be discussed more openly with young children.

Eddy Finds a Family and Eddy Feels at Home are the first two books in The Flamingo Family book series, which bring to life the important and emotional journey of adoption in a colourful, uplifting, and honest way.

Sarah was delighted to get reviews on both books from Adoption UK and an endorsement for her second. Dr Sue Armstrong-Brown, CEO of Adoption UK, wrote these reviews for each book.

Eddy Finds a Family "This heart-warming story gently explores the path to adoption for both parents and children. Told through a colourful set of characters, this simple narrative will help a child identify and express their thoughts and feelings about their own adoption journey"

Eddy Feels at Home “So many people will recognise the huge mix of emotions Eddy Emu feels as he moves in with his new family. The latest story about Eddy’s journey helps to understand and explain the ups and downs in the early stages of adoption”.

Sarah also offers free short stories via her website which follows Eddy Emu on new and exciting adventures as he continues his adoption journey with Flossy and Frank Flamingo.

So next time you see a Flamingo - think Adoption and of Sarah!

Sarah's favourite quote: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage

to pursue them” – Walt Disney

Sarah's Top tip: Find someone to be accountable too who will help you write and also plan in time to write.

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