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Is Your Book On or Under the Table?

Ep. 29

2020 could be the Year of Your Book.

Is your book on the table or under the Table?

When your book is ‘underneath the table’ it  means your book is still an idea. It's not quite there yet. It's not into fruition. You might have certain doubts:

·       Is it good enough? 

·       Will people really want to read it? 

·       Plus other doubts and all the things that just keep attacking us and stop that creativity. 

Or it just might be the, well, I'm going to do it one day, but actually I'm too busy at the moment or this is happening and that's happening and therefore I'm going to postpone it.

For me, that's a bit of a danger zone because while it is under the table, you can't see it and it can't develop. It can't grow because the thing about a book is when you start writing it, it takes on its own life and things that you never imagined that you would talk about and communicate through that written word happens, but it can't happen until you start it.

Can I help?   Mentoring you and your book gives you someone to be accountable too and means your book WILL be born!

Contact me and let's chat about your book

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