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Could your book be the next JoJo Rabbit?

Ep. 30002020

I find the choice between which I prefer book or film so difficult (so I'm glad I don't really have to make a choice!) Sometimes I'd just love to curl up under a blanket by a fire and read a good book or even read a book in the bath and there's other times and I just want to get out and watch the film.

Recently, we were watching the Oscars and had seen the BAFTAs before then. And I was really taken by the writer/director of Jojo Rabbit and as he took his award, he thanked his mum. But actually he was saying thank you because of the writer. Thank you because he won the best adapted screenplay and what he said and he being Taika Waititas.

What was really great is not only did he thanked his mom, he thanked his mom for giving him the book and he said if he hadn't read the book and the book, was based on Caging Skies by Christine Leunan.

And it was just wonderful because it made me think, yeah, without the book you couldn't have the film. Now, that doesn't always happen in some genres the film comes first and it's only film and then they produce books (like my all time favourite Frozen & The Showman!!). In the main, films are made from books.

So what if the book inside you was made into a film, can you imagine that? And it's imagining where your book will go that is so important. Even before you've even got it on paper, to know that your book has got a life, your book might go somewhere that you can't even imagine at the moment.

So I really want to encourage you to keep writing, keep getting your books out there. And maybe you will be mentioned in the Oscars or the BAFTAs one day!

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