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ALLi - its significance and importance for ALL Authors

Ep. 18

ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors)

Why is joining this alliance important for authors?

I explore this in the interview with Debbie Young, Author Advise Centre Manager.

The modern form of self-publishing which is the new global wave of publishing for authors.

Huge number of resources for Authors is the self-publishing advise blog, guidebooks, community of authors, conferences and so much more which the podcast explores.

Discounts for Authors with Ingram Sparks and with other services which are part of an author’s team, editors, proof-readers, cover artists, layout artists etc. 

A place for every author – and there is even a way to get your membership fee back.

Join today.

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Do you want Credibility? Write a book.

Ep. 30
Author and Marketing Guru Robert Middleton talks to Ladey about writing his first book and manual back in the last century!Well, 1999!The success of this as an e-publication and how he uses it in his marketing for helping self-employed professionals.He shares his knowledge and expertise for those starting out as authors of printed and e-book.He has a down-to-earth approach – when Ladey mentions that a lot of authors just want to do the writing and not the marketing of the book, his response was, “they need to get real!”An advocate of hard work bringing success and nothing is an overnight happening, Robert talks about how a book can transform a business, make it easier for the business person to be booked for speaking engagements with little haggling over fees – as a book makes a person an expert in their field.“To have credibility – there is nothing like writing a book,” says Robert, “and it adds to your community value”The best quote through the interview is “A book is your ultimate ticket for authority”.How true this is and if people want to have more clients, attend more meetings then a book is a really good way.Robert is the author of hundreds of reports and articles, indeed Ladey has had regular e-zines, and emails from him for over 20 years.Check out Robert’s newest website and see how his work can help you in your marketing of your book and for your Booksbusiness.www.actionplan.clubis the new website.