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About USB4 (rerun)

Season 3, Ep. 6

Tom shares the history of the USB standard and the real benefits and limitations of USB4.

Starring Tom Merritt.

Link to episode transcript here.

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  • 8. About Laser Printers

    From room-sized machines to barely an inconvenience on your desk, laser printers are in nearly every office. But where did they start? Tom explores the origins of the laser printer.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full transcript here.
  • 7. About Ethernet

    Computers talk to each other via networking, most commonly over a wired ethernet connection. Tom explains how that started and why it was such a breakthrough.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full transcript here.
  • 6. About Xerox PARC

    In 1969, the chief scientist at Xerox, Jack Goldman, decided to found a west-coast research center in Palo Alto, right down the road from Engelbart's SRI. Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center or PARC was far enough from headquarters in Rochester, New York, that scientists could feel a little freer to experiment.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full show transcription here.
  • 5. About GPUs

    Tom explains what GPUs are, why they are different than CPUs, and how they kinda just evolved into a product.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full episode transcript here.
  • 4. About Login

    Tom discusses the origin of the term "log in", it's early use, and how it became something most of us do every day.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full transcript can be found here.
  • 3. About Virtual Korea

    The last 120 years or so have seen tons of change for Korea, but what does the future hold? Tom shares what one heir is doing with their legacy.Featuring Tom Merritt.Episode transcript here.
  • 2. About ChatGPT

    The predictive capabilities of ChatGPT and other programs based on Large Language Models really seem to infer an artificial intelligence. How do the applications work...and are they sentient? Tom explains why you shouldn't fear ChatGPT.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full transcript here.
  • 1. About ByteDance

    With all the talk about banning TikTok in the United States, Tom dives in to explain who actually owns and controls its parent company, ByteDance, and why there's so much discourse about security.Featuring Tom Merritt.Full transcript can be found here.
  • 11. About Black Friday

    What's really being celebrated on Black Friday and is it the biggest shopping day in the world?Featuring Tom Merritt.Full Episode Transcript here.