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Uncovering the 5th Dimension with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Season 2, Ep. 42

Do you ever wonder about past lives? Twin frames versus soul mates? How to access your higher self?

Dr. Bruce Goldberg shares fascinating knowledge about the Fifth dimension and how you can empower yourself through self-hypnosis guiding you into past and future lifetimes through Past life regression and future life progression

His book, Search for Grace, was made into a CBS TV movie. He has conducted over 35,000+++ past life and future life progressions.

In this episode you will learn about past lives, future lives, short-term self-directed empowerment also known as ‘psychic empowerment’ through hypnosis, connecting with the higher self also known as the ‘superconscious mind’ which lives in the fifth dimension.

How Dr. Bruce Goldberg received information from the 36th Century? She connected through a wormhole and the upper


How can we simplify the 5th dimension? 06:06

What is physic empowerment? 10:00

Can you explain the difference between teleportation and out-of-body experiences? 22:55

How important is spiritual growth in this lifetime? 33:00


What is the oversoul? What is conscious dying? 36:00

What is conscious dying? It’s an ascension technique. 38:00


How do you clear the Karmic Cycle?


Watch real-life examples of going into the 5th dimension on YouTube

Three hours a night you are going into the 5th dimension in the REM cycle.

Learning more about Teleportation. 12:00

Hear more about a personal story of teleportation. 20:25

Find out more in Dr. Bruce Goldberg's book Exploring the Fifth Dimension

Exploring Parallel Lives 24:35

Parallel Universes and New You technique 27:40

Switching parallel timelines 29:30

What is Conscious Dying? Emerging with your higher self at the moment of death so you can avoid going to the lower planes and access your spirit guides.

Universal Laws come from the God energy complex. We want to merge with our higher self at the moment of death to ascend.


The Search for Bridey Murphy

Grab your ‘Mantras for Manifesting’ so you can experience more time freedom and flow experiences in the Fifth Dimension.

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