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Katherine Ryan: Telling Everybody Everything

Juice is Loose

Season 3, Ep. 321

Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about Nicole Brown-Simpson's killer dying of karma. Hannah Waddingham is obviously a queen but how out of line WAS that photographer who asked her to 'show us some leg' on the Olivier red carpet over the weekend? It's Bobby's birthday on Friday and the Ryan-Kootstra family are headed to the farm. After her trip to Dubai, Katherine is never flying business or first class again. Gypsy Rose Blanchard launches a deeply predictable foray into reality dating show fame, plus your emails on fatherhood, secret sex toys, mum's overseas fling and MUCH (trigger warning - don't listen to it) more. x

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  • 328. Hot Rodent

    This week, Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about Trump's guilty verdict and the threat of his supporters 'breaking point' if he's sentenced to jail. It's birthday party season in the Ryan-Kootstra household and Katherine struggles to keep the festivities on budget. Celebrity men are hilariously dubbed 'Hot Rodents' while working class cosplayer, Nigel Farage gets hit with a second milkshake, Alec Baldwin and his Spanish-but-not-born-there yogi wife, Hilaria announce their family reality show, Miriam Margoyles is slagging people off again and J-Lo cancels her tour. Plus, your letters and advice for last week's listeners x
  • 327. Bobby's Boys Trip

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about that red carpet usher in Cannes who went viral after rushing a few stars (notably Kelly Rowland) off the iconic steps. Nepobaby chat, as Vivienne Jolie drops 'Pitt' from her surname and was North West set up??? Plus, Celine Dion's trailer IS HERE while Bobby IS NOT. A different man steps in to sleep at the house each night as Bobby jets off for a boys golf trip in Arizona. Also, your letters on aspirin for pregnancy, becoming a trad mom, deadbeat dads and more. x
  • 326. God Says Marry An NFL Player

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about the problem with Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker's commencement speech correcting the 'diabolical lies' told to career women amongst other subjects. It seems like things are going from bad to worse for show-cancelling J-Lo who is allegedly navigating divorce from Ben Affleck who claims TEMPORARY INSANITY on marrying her in the first place. You and every married person ever, Ben. Plus, Fred gets his tonsils out and bounces back like a champ. Also, your letters on the mispronunciation of MarCHAYsa, fancying Hobbits, trusting your gut and more. x
  • 325. The Red Carpet Ecosystem

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about attending the BAFTA TV Awards last Sunday night where a true style icon was born as Violet Ryan made her BAFTA red carpet debut looking as nonplussed to be there as she did chic. Serving fashion and peak teenage angst, she gave us modern-day Tia from Uncle Buck (a movie made a cool 20 years before her birth, which just goes to show - some things never change). We are OBSESSED with Violet, the most popular girl in the Ryan-Kootstra household. She is the moment. She is livid. She is disgusted that we exist. Katherine's mother, Julie is also in town to collect her birthday gift from the ONLY cosmetic surgeon Katherine would trust in the UK to do a facelift. Also, 41 year old Anne Hathaway sparks confusion as she takes on the role of a 40 year old mother of a teenager in her newest film. Plus, your letters on having another baby with your ex, women's unique flight or fight strategies, coaching your new partner in the bedroom, full disclosure about your past and more. x
  • 324. Lake Como

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about her cancelled show at the Netflix Festival and LA and how she and Bobby turned lemons into lemonade by taking a last minute trip to Lake Como, Italy instead! Also, Nikki Glazer DOMINATED at the roast of Tom Brady like we knew she would. Women are KILLERS. Not in the forest or in life really, but many of them certainly seem to have a knack for comedy roasts and we would have loved to see Sarah Tiana, Whitney Cummings, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer and many others on that same bill. Where were they? Oh, Kim K is a comedian now; we had forgotten. Tom Brady's ex wife, Gisele Bündchen most certainly IS NOT. Plus, your letters on cheating exes, angry husbands, dairy farms, friends lost to sex work, and more. x
  • 323. Should We Hire Extras for Fred?

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about plans for Fred's 3rd birthday party. How much is too much when it comes to indulging a toddler? When it comes to women's health, anecdotal evidence rarely matches the official advice from your doctor so Katherine was confused to have a 75 day cycle following a hysteroscopy in Feb. Barbara Streisand commits an instagram faux pas on Melissa McCarthy's page, Britney seems increasingly unwell, Jerry-ATRIC Seinfeld is tired of the woke-police, and when alone in a forest, women would choose to be confronted by a bear over a man. Plus, closure from the ramen lady herself (!!!) and your letters on an art gallery wanker, breastfeeding in public, sexual chemistry and more. x
  • 322. Bargain Holidays

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about Bargain Holidays, a new series with Joe Wilkinson premiering on Channel 4 Thursdays at 10pm. Traveling around with Joe trying to find vacation deals was a lot of fun until it wasn't. Also, Katherine wonders whether it's okay to live in Canada, America or other colonised countries....and is it okay to bring a breastfeeding baby to a comedy show? Two ends of the importance spectrum I guess. Plus, Kim vs Taylor, Celine Dion's recovery, Gen Zs are meeting up IRL and your letters on what REALLY happened to that ramen, trophy husbands and leaving a cheater. x
  • 320. Life's a B...and Her Pu$$y Wet

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about an exciting weekend of taking Violet to meet YouTube Stars and Fred entering the preschool birthday party circuit. Bobby loses a golf tournament while Rihanna graces the cover of Interview Magazine with a no-holds-barred chat about life, plastic surgery, and motherhood. Katherine prepares to fly to Dubai for her first ever show at the Dubai Opera, Calvin Harris' wife is a secret Swiftie, and MANY people write in about kinks. x