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Katherine Ryan: Telling Everybody Everything

A Rainy Day

Season 2, Ep. 259

Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about Bobby getting ticketed whilst waiting for Fred outside nursery. She's lost weight - though is it okay to be happy about it? Billionaires can save their clapping when it comes to problems they could fix with ACTUAL CASH. Plus, 'NO' - not that anyone is listening, and your letters on cheating, evil partners evicting Grans, troubled teens and more. x

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  • 336. Is My Husband An Alcoholic?

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about how to solve your dilemmas of the week. Alcoholic husband? I got you. Man dating a teen in your yoga studio? All over it. Boyfriend checking out other women? Let me at him. Plus, replies from listeners to the man who previously wrote in asking how to deal with his daughter not wanting to spend time with him, husband who is bad at oral, a local milk bank says hi and much more. x
  • 335. Bobby's Conspiracies

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about HUGE events of the week including the European Soccer Championship Sports Contest featuring The Male Lionesses and Donald Trump getting actually SHOT. Wow. Bobby joins to share his doubts about a lot of what the government and media tell us. Plus, Katy Perry's ironically titled comeback flops, three celebrity deaths, Kim K stuns at the Ambani wedding and is Alec Baldwin a c*cksucker? x
  • 335. Post-Nut Clarity HATE

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about why she invites Bobby K to weigh in on your letters and share his experiences without judgement or too much criticism. This week, we answer your letters on long lost loves, hateful daughters, the dangers of viral street interviews, and misbehaving cottage kids. x
  • 334. The Rise and RISE of Celebrity NDAs

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about her trip to Germany to watch England vs Netherlands in the Euros semi-final. Crowds, Noise, Beer and Atmosphere. LOVE IT. After 14 years in power, the Tories were handed their most forceful flogging in the party's 200+ year history as America and its politics still hangs in the balance. Plus, are we entering the NDA Era? The new legal normal of the 21st century sees Non Disclosure Agreements for everybody and everything. Will dating ever be the same? Finally, Fred struggles with the abstract concept of time. x
  • 333. Pregnant From One Night Stand

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about MORE listeners being possibly catfished by celebs. Bobby K joins as a growing community of listeners come together to advise the lady considering breaking up with her partner as she's not up to the job of raising his kids. A Scottish police officer AGREES that the listener who thinks she may have been targeted by a fake officer on a dark country road. Katherine's car expertise wins a woman her boyfriend's respect and a pub quiz. Plus, a listener is pregnant from a one night stand and doesn't quite know what to do. x
  • 332. Holly Willoughby Kidnap Plot

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about the SERIOUSNESS of the alleged Holly Willoughby kidnap plot. Was the defendant's behaviour fantasy or could he have carried out his plan? Does it matter? Have you been following the trial and what do you expect the verdict to be? All very sad and we wish her safety and healing at this DISGUSTING news as the trial unfolds. Truly sickening. Bobby needs media training. Also, Fenna carries around a 'Happy Birthday Mum' balloon seemingly forever while Katherine's sister Kerrie flies in for a celeb-filled visit. Does Pierce Brosnan really look like Katherine's dad? Plus, as 'Hawk Tuah' girl gains representation in Hollywood and Justin Timberlake's apparent toxicology reports are released, Katherine wonders whether all publicity is good publicity. x
  • 331. Nearly Murdered On A Country Road?

    Katherine's Telling Everybody ALMOST Everything about the listener who wrote in last week feeling concerned for her friend who was apparently in a relationship with a major A lister. She's been back I touch to SAY THE NAME to help Katherine get to the bottom of this. Also, a woman is berated in a pub garden while bystanders do absolutely nothing. Can a woman stay with her perfect boyfriend if she isn't fully prepared to become a lifelong carer to his children? A listener's parenting style clashes with her friend's and she wonders whether she can keep the relationship under such circumstances. Plus, was a listener nearly murdered on a country road? Please send your letters to
  • 330. Raw Dogging

    Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything about a DYI project gone horribly wrong, resulting in a catastrophic tidy up for Bobby K who joins us to discuss. Netherlands football team unfortunately may have had a bad luck charm on their side at the Euros last week, Justin Timberlake's what world tour could be impacted by a bad choice, Katy Perry teams up with disgraced Dr Luke, and apparently none of Katherine's neighbours like her. Mainly, we explore the new male-dominated trend of RAW DOGGING on long haul flights and we celebrate Gypsy Rose Blanchard coming out as Bisexual to wrap up a wonderful pride month. Your letters will be included in the next episode. x
  • 329. Tree Surgeons

    This week, Katherine's Telling Everybody Everything between blasts of noise from the tree surgeons who are very RUGGED and passionate about what they do, so snap one up romantically if you can. It's been a birthday bonanza in the Ryan-Kootstra household as both Violet and Fred celebrate having the same due date over a decade apart. Katherine attended Dr. Nina's new clinic opening, Michelle De Swarte's screening of her show SPENT, learned about marketing from MailChimp, jetted off to NYC, opened for Theo Von's sold out UK tour, and was visited by the police so suffice to say, it's been an eventful time. Also, your letters on when to date after a breakup, cheating, and more. x