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Always Make Room For The Best Parts To Come with Julie Perkins

Ep. 106

Regardless of our direction in life or business, it's essential to leave room for curiosity, explore new possibilities once we achieve our goals, or figure out where to evolve them.


In this episode, I'm so excited to be joined by Julie Perkins, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Purpose-led Coach and Advocate, Podcast Host, and the Author of "The Wyseway: Purpose-led Business Growth Book." Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Julie never saw failures in entrepreneurship as such; for her, they were just trials. That philosophy helped Julie build an unbeatable mentality that helped her fight and win the most challenging battles in life and business. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss female entrepreneurs' imposter syndrome, goal setting, and the importance of creating meaningful connections. Julie also talks about her inherited entrepreneurial spirit, what inspired her to build her company, Wyseminds, and the lessons she learned from battling cancer. 

Additionally, we chat about her book, why she decided to start a podcast, and so much more. 

Tune in to Episode 106 of the Joy Found Here podcast and get inspired by this powerhouse woman, Julie Perkins. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Julie's background and upbringing (4:10)
  • What battling cancer taught Julie (8:10)
  • Why most female entrepreneurs are imposter syndrome gold medalists (12:00)
  • Julie talks about her book's title and what inspired it (16:30)
  • Once you understand where you are going, seeking counseling becomes easier (25:00)
  • Julie shares details of her writing process (34:10)
  • Why we must always leave room for curiosity (37:40)

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  • 119. Unlock Your Intuition and Recognize Signs and Messages from the Beyond with Brandi Van

    Have you ever felt a butterfly was trying to show you something, a license plate saying precisely what you need to hear, or a song on the radio answering a question you've been asking for days, and it felt like someone was trying to tell you something?In this episode, Brandi Van invites you to jump-start your psychic abilities. Brandi is a Spiritual Medium and Psychic Mentor on a mission to help people awaken their psychic abilities and find their higher purpose, abundance, and peace. Minutes after Brandi's grandma took her last breath, Brandi felt in her stomach the connection with her grandma's spirit, and a couple of years later, Brandi's abilities were glowing, fully developed. Throughout our conversation, you'll learn about Brandi's spiritual journey, how she dealt with the awakening of her psychic abilities, and how confusing were her first years as a medium. You'll also hear about "regular people's" psychic potential, Brandi's trauma-healing abilities, spirits' favorite communication channels, and more.Tune in to Episode 119 of the Joy Found Here podcast and get ready to jump-start your psychic abilities. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About the awakening of Brandi's abilities (4:20)The spirits of our loved ones are around us (7:10)A bright white light for spirits and entities (11:30)Can all of us strengthen our intuition? (15:00)About Brandi's confusing first years as a medium (18:40)The link between self-knowledge and psychic abilities (20:10)Brandi talks about past-life traumas and how to heal them (25:00)How can you tell someone is trying to communicate with you (33:50)Connect with Brandi:WebsiteInstagramFacebookLet's Connect:Website
  • 118. A Self-Discovery Journey Through Enneagram Coaching with Chelsie Engle

    What if I told you nothing about anyone needs to be fixed? No one is broken; they are only experiencing different levels of self-knowledge. In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome Chelsie Engle, a Certified Enneagram Coach with 10+ years of experience as an Educator and Instructional Coach. After years of struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, and fertility treatments, Chelsie became a mom. Contrary to what she thought, her struggles were far from over after a severe post-partum depression while dealing with a toxic work environment. A therapist introduced her to the Enneagram universe, and once she understood her type, her entire life changed, she studied the Enneagram for years and became an Enneagram Coach.Throughout our conversation, you'll learn what Enneagram Coaching is and how it can help you improve your self-knowledge and deal with your triggers more efficiently. You'll also hear Chelsie's passion for being an agent of change in people's lives and her love story with Enneagram Coaching. Additionally, you'll discover why emotional struggles create interpersonal conflict, why growth happens when you switch from reaction to curiosity, and much more.Tune in to Episode 118 of the Joy Found Here podcast and let Enneagram Coaching be an agent of change in your life. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Chelsie's background (2:50)Why Chelsie decided to make a 180° change in her life (7:20)What is Enneagram Coaching (9:10)The importance of self-love and self-care (13:50)Switch from reaction to curiosity (16:10)Anger is an unmet need (24:00)About Enneagram types and their motivators (31:30)How Enneagram Coaching can help you understand why you do what you do (35:20)Connect with Chelsie:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramFacebookLet's Connect:Website
  • 117. How to Change Your World Through Self-Compassion with Rita Desnoyers-Garcia

    When was the last time you were kind and gentle with yourself? In this episode, I'm joined by the fabulous Rita Desnoyers-Garcia, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker, Channel, and Author. After a major setback in her business (that she started while raising three children), Rita's unworthiness stories hit her harder than ever and took her down a desperation rabbit hole. She tried everything, talked to everyone, and spent countless hours trying to save her business, yet to find the solution, she didn't have to move an inch; it was right inside of her: self-compassion. Throughout this episode, Rita talks about her transformational journey and innate desire to help others, which made her think of becoming a nun, practicing charity, and empowering and supporting stressed-out professional mums. We talk about the importance of actively practicing self-compassion, the meaning of becoming awake, why we spend so much time looking for dangers, and how this practice affects us.Additionally, Rita explains why having a coach is like "having someone cutting the hair in the back of your head," the weight of the lies we repeat in our heads; she talks about her book, "The Self-compassion Project," why most women get stuck in her limiting beliefs, and more. Tune in to Episode 117 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear from Rita how you can change your world simply by giving yourself a break and being more kind and gentle with yourself.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Rita's background (3:10)The first time Rita was kind and gentle with herself (8:00)Many women think they must accomplish something to be happy (12:00)"A coach is like someone cutting the hair in the back of your head" (15:20)How to break the cycle of being constantly looking for dangers (20:40)What is becoming aware (30:30)What can you expect from "The Self-compassion Project" (32:50)Connect with Rita:WebsiteJoin the Calm Mom Alliance Facebook GroupRita Desnoyers-Garcia Alignable profileLet's Connect:Website
  • 116. Discover the Power of Courage and Compassion with Andrew Anderson

    We know the sun always comes out after the shitstorm; we just need to figure out what to do during the rain. In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the amazing Andrew Anderson, International Best-selling Author, Transformational Speaker, and Breakthrough Coach. While experiencing what he called his "two-year dark night of the soul," Andrew decided to rely on his courage and compassion to "fix" his turbulent world. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about Andrew's transformational journey, the courageous decision to explore forgiveness and compassion as a way out of the darkness he felt in, and how he learned to see the good in every situation, not just the good ones.  Additionally, we talk about his best-selling book, "Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow," his thought process and inspiration to write it; Andrew also shares practical tips to unstuck yourself from whatever is holding you back, and so much more.Tune in to Episode 116 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn more about the true power of courage and compassion. In This Episode, You'll Learn:A bit about Andrew's background and uprising (2:50)The two-year dark night of the soul (5:10)Surround yourself with models of victory (9:00)Identifying your life mission statement (15:20)A practical tip to unstuck yourself (20:50)Andrew talks about the thought process that led to writing his book (31:40)Resources: Book: Andrew L. Anderson - Strength of the Oak, Strength of the Willow: How to Find Courage & Compassion in a Turbulent WorldWrite an email at, write "Stephanie gift" in the subject, and get a present that'll bless your life.  Connect with Andrew:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramYouTubeFacebookLet's Connect:Website