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Intermediate Length Occupancy Rental Law in San Francisco

Season 5, Ep. 107

Today's guest is Brett Gladstone, Esq., 62, is a San Francisco attorney and serves as an appointee of Governor Newsom on the California Architects Board.  After graduating Harvard College magna cum laude, he earned a JD degree from Duke University School of Law in 1983. He has been a San Francisco real estate attorney for 36 years. After 8 years as a partner at Hanson Bridgett, Gladstone has become Of Counsel to Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad, Harris & McSparran, a San Francisco law firm.  Mr. Gladstone regularly writes and lectures on local real estate laws and issues (including condominium law) and advises his clients on land development and real estate transactions throughout the Bay Area. 

Today's topic is Intermediate Length Occupancy Rental Law in San Francisco, a new law that was passed in response to political outrage over 2100 Market St. and other similar projects, many of which appear to be in challenging financial times because of the ongoing pandemic.

A guide to jargon and agencies mentioned in this podcast:

ILO Law - Intermediate Length Occupancy Law (rentals between 30 days and 1 year) in effect June 2022

NOV - Notice of Violation

UDU - Unwarranted Dwelling Units -space that is indicates that its legality is not verified by the Department of Building Inspection

COPA - Community Opportunty to Purchase Act

Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad, Harris & McSparran -

SF Board of Supervisors

SF Planning Commission

SF Department of Building Inspection

SF Office of Short-Term Rentals

Small Property Owners of SF

Coalition for Better Housing

SF Apartment Association

Urban Displacement Project

San Francisco Real Estate Brokers, Jackson Fuller:

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