San Francisco Real Estate: Escrow Out Loud


Are You Smarter Than A Realtor: Round 7

Ep. 86

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we uncover the answer to the last neighborhood riddle and continue the game with new clues!

[00:21] Last round’s answer: Ingleside Terraces.

[00:50] Clue 1: This is one of the original seven hills of San Francisco.

[00:58] Clue 2: You probably heard of a particular street in this neighborhood, that actually began as a straight cobble stone street. But, it is not so straight anymore!

[01:16] Clue 3: It has long had the title of having the steepest street in San Francisco.

[02:02] Clue 4: There are a few well known parks in this neighborhood. One with spectacular views of The Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Sausalito.

[02:25] Clue 5: Another park in the neighborhood is named after a poet and librarian who became a revered member of the SF literary community, Ina Coolbrith.

[02:50] Clue 6: Sometimes described as a haven for artists, this neighborhood has strong ties to the literary community. There are four historical districts within its borders and both Jack London and Mark Twain lived there.

[03:09] Clue 7: While you are there you can visit the SF Art Institute where you can see Diego Rivera’s murals.

[03:42] Clue 8: There are great food and boutique options in this neighborhood. Examples include the Cheese Plus, the original Swensen's Ice Cream Shop, great nightlife and more.

[04:19] Clue 9: It is on the North-East side of the city; with North Point St bordering the Northern end, Columbus Ave on the East, Van Ness Ave on the West and Broadway on the South.

[04:40] Clue 10: This neighborhood got its name after a cemetery where people were buried on behalf of a particular foreign country.

As always, tune in next time, when we reveal the answer to this week’s neighborhood!

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