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Are You Smarter Than A Realtor: Round 6

Season 3, Ep. 85

In today’s episode of Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we give the answer to long-awaited question, what was the neighborhood from round 4 of the Neighborhood Guessing Game? We also play round 6!

[00:22] Last round’s answer: Nopa, right across the street from the Panhandle.

[01:15] Clue 1: This neighborhood is famous for its sundial, which at the time of its dedication in 1913 was the largest in the whole country.

[01:48] Clue 2: It has a lot of pride and its own newspaper called, The Sundial.

[02:27] Clue 3: The Pacific Coast Jockey Club opened a racetrack there in 1895 and the original racetrack loop is a current road in this neighborhood.

[03:20] Clue 4: The neighborhood became one of eight master plan residents parks in San Francisco officially opening in 1913.

[04:01] Clue 5: The first person moved into the neighborhood in June of 1912.

[04:38] Clue 6: The first non-caucasian, Cecil Poole, moved into the neighborhood in 1957.

[05:21] Clue 7: The neighborhood CCNRs said that the original homes had to cost at least $3,500 to construct and only single-family homes were allowed.

[06:04] Clue 8: To get to this neighborhood you could take the Municipal Railway K line which runs along Ocean Ave towards West Portal or you could head down toward Glen Park or Balboa Park stations and city college. Junipero Serra Blvd offers easy access to the peninsula.

[06:41] Clue 9: A realtor would say this neighborhood is D4 west of Twin Peaks. On the north side of this neighborhood lies Ocean Ave, on the south side Holloway Ave, Junipero Serra Blvd on the west and Ashton Ave on the east.

[07:06] Clue 10: There are large pillars with the neighborhood name there and there is a pretty large mall not to far away.

As always, tune in next time, when we reveal the answer to this week’s neighborhood!

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