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Architectural Photography with David Eichler

Season 5, Ep. 106

Pictures taken by a skilled photographer can tell you more about a building than hundreds of words of description can. Today’s guest is David Eichler.

David is an architectural photographer who also has a familial link to Northern California’s property market through is grandfather, Joseph Eichler. Joseph was one of the most iconic property developers in the area in the 20th century. Listen in to the episode to hear David talk about the ins and outs of architectural photography, the family history, and how that history affects David’s work and worldview.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • What architectural photography is
  • Why architectural photography is in a class by itself
  • How long the average shoot lasts
  • How long David has been doing photography professionally
  • David’s first camera
  • The best and worst parts of architectural photography as a job
  • The most challenging shoot David has ever had to do
  • Whether David has favorite pictures that he’s taken
  • How David’s grandfather, Joseph Eichler, influenced his view of architecture
  • Joseph Eichler’s stand against racism
  • What it’s like to have a recognizable last name in the industry
  • How David’s view of his grandfather’s buildings have changed over time
  • The biggest misunderstanding that persists about David’s grandfather

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