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#27: Shivering Heights (part 1 of 3)

And now for something completely different! This week on Escrow Out Loud, our San Francisco Real Estate podcast, we interview our first guests. Josh and Carlos are clients who purchased their San Francisco home in a very different market – they purchased a REO property during the downturn. They termed the phrase “Shivering Heights” for their neighborhood and they agreed to let us come over to their house, interview them about buying in San Francisco, and just chat about owning a home in SF. It's a 3 episode interview, this is part 1 and covers our drive over and the beginning part of our home tour. It was still a bit messy since the have recently started renovation.

[00:33] When Josh and Carlos bought their house the property market in San Francisco was completely different than it is today – in fact, we were in the midst of a property downturn. Seven years later, we visit them at their place to see how they have settled in!

[01:47] We kick off part one of our three-part interview with Matt questioning the suitability of using the Comic Sans font on the first page of the REO addendum document. REO addendums are horrible things that haven't been a regular part of the SF market since the last down turn. What is it about that font that screams unprofessional? Everything!

[03:06] As we arrive at their San Francisco home we meet our client’s huuuuge, Scooby Doo-like dog and hear his story.


[08:34] Starting in the foyer, it is clear Josh and Carlos have done quite a bit of renovating since we last saw their place! What was once sad and neglected but a huge amount of space is now a beautifully updated, very functional, modern space.

[12:03] It is great to see how well they have settled into their new home, meeting their neighbors, and what it was like getting to know their new neighborhood.

[17:27] We talk about how different the market was back in 2011, but even then getting your first offer accepted was rare. Prices have sky-rocketed since then… Tune in next week for part two, where we learn some more fascinating things about their home and the remodel they did.

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