The Itchy Feet Travel Podcast


Tony Giles, Blind Traveller and Author

Season 1, Ep. 1

For this, the first episode of The Itchy Feet Travel Podcast, I'm joined by Tony Giles, an Englishman who has visited 125 different countries. What's unique about Tony is that he travels solo without the use of sight and with a severe hearing impairment. In short, he makes most of us travellers look extremely lightweight!

When I caught up with Tony, he was self-isolating at his home in Devon. There he reflected on some of his most memorable trips and expressed optimism that he'd be back on the road in the next few months despite the current pandemic.

Tony's story is a truly remarkable one. As he tells me:

"The travelling is not just for me. I hope it inspires disabled people to live their dreams, but also show the non-disabled world to just treat us normally."

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I hope you enjoy. And thanks for listening!

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