The Itchy Feet Travel Podcast


Manchán Magan, Writer and Documentary-maker

Season 1, Ep. 5

You can't talk about travel in 2020 and not address how the industry is impacting our planet. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, questions were being asked about what we can do to reduce the levels of carbon emissions produced by air travel.

As a result of some self-reflection, my guest for this episode took the difficult decision to give up part of what is his passion and his livelihood: travelling by air.

Manchán Magan is a writer and documentary-maker. He has written books on his travels in Africa, India and South America and has presented dozens of documentaries on issues of world culture for TG4, RTÉ and the Travel Channel. His 2008 book, Truck Fever, charts his epic journey as a 19-year old travelling overland from London to Nairobi in a truck.

When we caught up, Manchán spoke about his decision to take measures to reduce his carbon footprint. He also reflected on his childhood holidays on the Blasket Islands, getting rescued from a cowshed in the Himalayas, the beauty that can be found around the Equatorial Belt, as well as his newfound interest in virtual travel.

I hope you enjoy. And thanks for listening!

This episode was produced and presented by Joe O'Connor. Original music and editing by Paul Loughran. Podcast branding and design by I said I would.

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