The Itchy Feet Travel Podcast


Kealan Ryan, Writer and Filmmaker

Season 1, Ep. 7

When your job requires you to write for both print and screen, where do you draw your inspiration from? Is it the mundane everyday tasks that we take for granted or is it from visiting far-flung destinations where we meet different people and see different ways of living?

My guest for this episode draws on his experiences from both.

Kealan Ryan is an author and filmmaker. His debut novel, The Middle Place, was released last year, receiving plaudits from some major names in Irish literature. It followed his debut feature film, Lift, which he wrote, produced and starred in and which has just been released on Amazon Prime. Kealan is currently working on a number of projects, one of which was inspired by a trip he made over ten years ago.

When we caught up, at a time when Ireland was getting ready to come out of lockdown, Kealan filled me in on childhood memories of San Francisco, discovering a paradise off the coast of Panama, getting familiar with Genghis Khan in Mongolia, and the minor matter of having a gun pulled on him in Siberia.

I hope you enjoy. And thanks for listening!

This episode was produced and presented by Joe O'Connor. Original music and editing by Paul Loughran. Podcast branding and design by I said I would.

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