It Is Complicated


Media is complicated

Season 1, Ep. 32

Media is complicated - or maybe not. We talk through the Bechdel test, what it is for and how it works and propose our own version for Trans and Non-Binary representation in film/TV/shows.

The Laverne Totah Test:

1) Have a Trans or Non-Binary Character

2) Played by a Trans or Non-Binary actor

3) Whose main narrative purpose is not tragedy


It’s simple! It’s setting the bar incredibly low (we talk about why this is important). It is simple to pass the Laverne Totah Test - you can simply have a trans character, played by a trans actor, walk on screen, look around, and walk off!

This is the alpha, the 0.9 version - so let us know what you think of this on our Twitter...

We reference the Breathtaking - Keanu Reeves, Laverne Cox, Josie Totah, Elliot Page and of course Alison Bechdel who presented the original test in Dykes to Watch out for.

Now with improved accessibility - we will have a transcript for this episode (we're running a bit slow on these - thanks 2021)


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