It Is Complicated


Getting it out is complicated

Season 1, Ep. 24

Getting it out is complicated -  Why it’s important to have a rant buddy. We sometimes need spaces to vent, to get those things off our chest. To talk about what is worrying us, and processing it out of our heads. Without that space, and those people, we suffer - trying to hold things and working things through on your own is hard.

We cover why the podcast started and why we keep talking and talking and ranting. How Covid lockdown made this wonderful thing exist.

Common processing and knowing you're not the only one is so important to rebuilding some mental health. Conversations make a difference, hearing voices that haven't usually been included talking about things we've possibly all experienced, allows us to make connections and see different ways of coping with the same events.

This episode has a lot more silliness than we expected at times - laughing is a valid way of processing trauma.

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