It Is Complicated


Art is complicated

Season 1, Ep. 20

Art is complicated - Censorship and that narrative is made more complex by queers - how does talking about queer lived experience blur this boundary? Josephine and Dr J talk with Suzanne Shifflett, painter and tattoo artist, based in Long Beach, California. We cover the hustle we all face as queer and artists, and how we constantly hustle to survive and be seen. We are the glittery cockroaches who find ways to survive.

The systematic cis-heteronormativity in society means than censorship of pornography impacts more on queers and women. How can we make our point and show our lived experiences? How do we subvert systems to make spaces for our voices?

For more of Suzanne’s art- her website, and her instagrams - paintings and tattoos


As this is episode 20 (or 21 if you count the special) - we want to say thank you to everyone who has listened, shared, and enjoyed what we are doing. We make the promise, that should we get enough on our Patreon so that Josephine can do this full time, we will talk about what Suzanne calls “the most unusual tattoo I have ever done”

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