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  • 1. The Importance of the Alpha Body Language

    Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to get all the girls, while you’re left watching enviously from the sidelines? What do these guys have, these men who seem to just lean back on the bar, smile, and then get mobbed by all the available women around him? Is there some kind of law of attraction for relationships that says that there are certain kinds of men that will always get the girl?Actually, yes there is: it’s the alpha body language.Look at all those guys that you envy, those guys that seem to get all the girls wherever they go. Whether they’re working out in the gym, sitting at the bar for some drinks, or just lounging in their chair at a coffee shop, they all have something in common: they have the alpha body language down to a tee.Alpha body language is simple: confidence in motion and self-assurance seem to combine to become a heady mix of animal attractiveness that makes these men irresistible to women. Here’s a tip for men when it comes to dating women: Women love being with a man who is comfortable and confident without being arrogant and overbearing. True alpha males are able to move around with ease, and in such a natural and relaxed way that women can’t help but feel that strength of character and be attracted to it.Real alpha males don’t allow worries to grasp their attention too much. They are able to focus their thoughts on their positive attributes, instead of letting their shortcomings dictate the way that they relate to women. This kind of confidence also allows these alpha males move with obvious purpose and direction. What you won’t feel is nervousness or insecurity when it comes to their movements.Here is a tip on dating women : if you are able to unleash your own alpha male, it wouldn’t take long until you become that guy you once envied in the gym or the bar, surrounded by women clamoring for your attention. The first step you need to do is to your body language. Most of the time, men will find that they will need a make-over when it comes to their body language. Whether it’s just a small change, or you need to completely over-haul your image, it will be up to you to assess how much you need to change to become that alpha male. By changing your usual body language and behaviors that convey being a “beta male”, only then can you realize your full potential as strong, confident and self-assured alpha male.Remember: the key to being an alpha male is not to be arrogant, overpowering or annoying. You need to be aware of your strengths, as well your weaknesses, and be able to highlight the former as well as subtly hide the latter. 

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  • 2. What is Important in Attraction?

    Loveawake relationship experts say that when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, men and women are different categories through which they rate possible partners, and that the driving force is different between the two sexes. When it comes to to relationships, men are more attracted to a woman’s physical qualities, while women are more attracted to a man’s behavioral qualities.A PEEK INTO A MAN’S MINDLadies, don’t be too offended because men put so much stock into the physical, when yes, more “evolved” guys should be putting more importance into the content of the package, and not the wrapping that it comes in. The problem is, believe it or not, biological. The brain is the most outdated organ in the human body and the brain is most stimulated when it comes to the sense of sight. As a result, men react most to what society says is attractive and desirable, and since most cultures will say that a sexy woman with a slender body, flawless complexion, and fine features is beautiful and desirable in a partner, that’s what they will react to. It’s not to say that you should slather on the makeup and force yourself into high heels and a pushup bra to attract a partner, but here’s a tip when it comes to dating men: make a little effort to highlight your good physical attributes. If you have shapely legs, wearing a dress or skirt that’s a little shorter than what you would normally wear to the office wouldn’t hurt.WHAT ABOUT FOR THE GIRLS?Unlike men, many women don’t really care about physical looks –they will pay more attention to how men behave. Sure, it’s a bonus to have a guy with a toned body and a ruggedly handsome face, but if he’s sleazy or bad-tempered, the good looks would be trumped and many women would rather focus on that bad behavior. Alongside those usual behavioral “biggies” like being sweet, kind and thoughtful, a lot of women are also attracted to men who are able to be confident and self-assured without being cocky or arrogant. This time, guys, don’t be too insulted. Again, it all comes down to biology. A man who is assured in their own self-worth as well as able to be in to express “softer” emotions such as tenderness and sweetness shows a man who is comfortable with themselves. Here’ a tip when it comes to dating women: don’t worry too much about your physical appearance. Focus on the good qualities about yourself that you want to bring to the forefront: you’re a good listener, you have a great sense of humor, or you love trying new things. These will be more interesting to her than hearing about your day at the gym, or how much you can bench press.How do you make the most of your attributes?So many invest time, money, and effort into things that they believe will get them that dream partner: a killer pair of heels, or a loud sports car, but in the long run, they won’t attract people whom they will want to make a long-term relationship with. More often than not, they attract shallow, superficial people who disappear when you no longer have money in the bank, or the perfect curves. Remember, the best way to attract a potential partner is being true to who you are, and finding a person who will appreciate that will bring you someone whom you will want to spend your life with.
  • 3. Asian Women: Why It’s Great to Date One

    Perhaps you have been wondering why on a lot of dating websites, Asian women seem to be featured prominently. If you try to look for an Asian dating website, different types of beautiful Asian women are one of the most touted women with whom it’s great to have a relationship.Here are some of the reasons why Asian women are great to build a long-term relationship with:1.   Excellent homemakersIn the Filipino culture, the nuclear family is very important, and Philippine women are brought up believing that creating a strong family is one of their main duties in a relationship. They are great when it comes to taking care of the people they are in a relationship with, and by extension, the family of this person as well.2.   Great entertainersIn Chinese society, one of the most important traits that single Chinese women learn is how to entertain their guests. This is viewed as an important social step because they should be able relate with the family of their husbands easily and respectfully. Single Chinese women are groomed from a young age to have good social graces and good manners.3.   Honest and kindThere are a lot of beautiful Indian women available for dating, and it’s not just beauty in the physical sense. In the Indian culture, kindness, honestly and sincerity are viewed as desirable traits in a wife, and for an Indian woman to be considered beautiful, they should have these traits to be able to land a husband in the future.4.   Smart and articulateAs a country, the Philippines rank as one of the highest countries when it comes to percentage that speaks in English. In fact, 98% of the total population can communicate in English. This is one of the reasons why a lot of foreign men love looking to the Philippines for a female partner; they are able to communicate easily with Philippine women.In general, Asian women are great women to have an intimate relationship with because they are, in general, very good people. They will work to have a successful relationship with whoever they are with, as well as have a good relationship with the other people around them. However, just like anywhere else, there would be some bad apples in the barrel, so if you’re looking to date beautiful Asian women on any dating website, make sure to exercise caution when it comes to meeting them for the first time. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!