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Episode #191: Hiring Your Dream Team

In this episode of the podcast, it’s just me and Brandy like old times. This episode is like an unplugged version of an unplugged podcast. Yikes! There is extreme entertainment + some great conversation about building your team as an entrepreneur. Even if you haven’t begun hiring for your business yet, this will give you some important things to think about. Enjoy and don’t say that I didn’t warn you about this episode.

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  • Episode #198: How To Get MicroFamous with Matt Johnson

    In this episode, I chat with Matt Johnson about his podcasting expertise and how he became MicroFamous. Matt runs a podcast launch & production agency. Matt is the author of MicroFamous and he is also the host of the podcast MicroFamous. Listen to this episode to hear Matt’s journey to becoming MicroFamous and how he is living the life he wants to live because of it!
  • Episode #197: Selling Like A Pro On Amazon with Beau Crabill

    In this episode, I talk to Beau Crabill about his start with entrepreneurship and his first successful niche on Amazon. He admits that e-commerce is nowhere are easy as people think it is and we then discuss our shared strategies to building a real business online. This is an easy episode to listen to and I know that you will find the content valuable, regardless of where you are at in your entrepreneurial journey. Before you go all-in on Amazon, do yourself a favor and listen to what Beau has to say first. Enjoy!
  • Episode #196: Being Authentic To Your Audience with Krista Ripma

    In this episode, I speak to Krista Ripma from Authentic Audience about all things marketing. This conversation took place right around the time that things really started to get crazy with COVID. We share a lot of laughs, authentic conversation (that should come as no surprise) and we really break down the simplicity of the customer journey. It was one of the more enjoyable episodes that I have recorded in a long time. This one is a must-listen, so enjoy!
  • Episode #195: Exploring Platform University with John Meese

    In this episode, John and I dive into the crazy world of starting and building a business online. At the time of recording the country was locking down quickly and in a dramatic fashion because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's an interesting conversation, especially when you think about all of the people who were forced to focus on maintaining a business by pivoting online under a very tight timeline. Enjoy!
  • Episode #194: Cracking the Code with Nathan Hirsch

    In this episode, I catch back up with an old friend Nathan Hirsch. Nathan's new business, Outsource School, is designed to help you crack the code for hiring the right virtual assistants to help grow your business. I also talk a bit about how the pandemic is weighing on us all, especially the entrepreneurs. It is easy to get mentally worn out with your business and there is no time like the present to reevaluate your choices and get excited again about the journey. Enjoy!
  • Episode #193: Harnessing The Power Of YouTube Ads with Aleric Heck

    In this episode, I have a great conversation with Aleric Heck from Ad Outreach about his long journey into the world of YouTube ads. It is no surprise at all that video is king, especially when it comes to ads, but which is the best platform when it comes to cold traffic? Is it Facebook or is it YouTube? The answer that Aleric shares with me may surprise you, so you will want to listen in to see. As always, this episode is packed full of gold and a few laughs as well. Enjoy!
  • Episode #192: Conversational Copywriting with Nick Usborne

    In this episode, I talk with Nick Usborne of Conversational Copywriting. We have a great conversation! Nick stresses the importance of honesty and transparency in your marketing. If you are looking to boost your sales you will want to hear this. I also, talk a bit about the challenge 2020 has been for all. This year has been a tough one economically for most. However, it is in times like these that we have to find perspective. When things are hard it can be so easy to only see where you wanted to be. Instead, I challenge you to look at how far you have come. Finding perspective is what will help you stay motivated to keep going. You don’t want to miss this episode!
  • Episode #190: Becoming Unstoppable with Steve Gordon

    In this episode, I talk with Steve Gordon. Steve is an author, podcast host, and founder of the Unstoppable CEO. His entrepreneurial journey is an interesting one. He also shares some tips to overcome the biggest challenges in growing and attracting clients when you’re a service-based business. A simple reminder about marketing is it is a conversation. You wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street saying, “hey want to buy my stuff?”. Don’t approach your customers that way. Marketing is a relationship. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, what does that journey look like? That is always a great way to really evaluate how your marketing campaign will be received.