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Implementing Holacracy with Dennis Wittrock

Season 2, Ep. 47

Dennis Wittrock of shares a case study of Hypoport, a fintech company that opted to implement Holacracy. Despite the assumption that Holacracy is flat and unstructured it is the opposite. Dennis walks us through the process of moving from deciding on self-management to implementing it in a company with many moving parts, growing through acquisition and diverging cultures. What each self-managed governance model brings is an explicit structure that enables stronger peer-to-peer relationships. Included in Holacracy and Sociocracy 3.0 is using tensions as a means to work with conflicting zones. Related interviews are found on my previous podcast either on iTunes or the last twenty are posted on and on EP15 of this podcast with Tom Tomison.

Dennis Wittrock, M.A., Holacracy Coach at Hypoport, partner at, founder of Integral Europe, founder and former co-director of the IEC 2014 and 2016, served 5 years as CEO and board member of Integrales Forum and the Integral Academy in Germany. His purpose is to create spaces for the emergence of integral consciousness. Our conversation took place just before the European Integral Conference.

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