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500%: How Two Pioneers in Self-Leadership Achieved an Unbelievable Increase in Productivity

Season 4, Ep. 71

Andrew Holm Julian Wilson and Dawna Jones met in 2015 when Dawna was nomadically wandering Europe in search of management innovators. The morning spent resulted in their first podcast so in this one, after the publication of book #2 Dawna and Andrew dive deeper into the temptations of transformation, how to meet the messiness of switching out a business model while measuring increases to customer service, quality, price and value.  Steering their decisions using data, we talk about the dangers of relying on data alone, and the man in the mirror conversations when self-leadership and self-management meet.  Designed on the building blocks of natural systems we cover how Matt Black achieved a 500% in productivity while believing it wasn't possible. 

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