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500%: How Two Pioneers in Self-Leadership Achieved an Unbelievable Increase in Productivity

Season 4, Ep. 71

Andrew Holm Julian Wilson and Dawna Jones met in 2015 when Dawna was nomadically wandering Europe in search of management innovators. The morning spent resulted in their first podcast so in this one, after the publication of book #2 Dawna and Andrew dive deeper into the temptations of transformation, how to meet the messiness of switching out a business model while measuring increases to customer service, quality, price and value.  Steering their decisions using data, we talk about the dangers of relying on data alone, and the man in the mirror conversations when self-leadership and self-management meet.  Designed on the building blocks of natural systems we cover how Matt Black achieved a 500% in productivity while believing it wasn't possible. 

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Reinventing Business Schools with Yorkville U's Julia Christensen-Hughes

Season 5, Ep. 91
In this episode, Julia Christensen Hughes provides an update on the Global Responsible Leadership Initiative's work and speaks to the challenges and the imperative for business schools to reinvent themselves to meet the demands of a changing world and values. The transactional nature of higher education is pivoting to a transformational approach plugged into the context of large global issues like climate change and biodiversity but changing the orientation will take faculty who are fluent in seeing systems and comfortable with being persistently curious.As President of Yorkville University, Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes plays a ground-breaking role in Canadian higher education, leveraging the full potential of the university’s flexible, accessible and exceptionally small class setting to maximize innovation and student success. Previously on faculty with the University of Guelph, Christensen Hughes has 25 years of progressive academic leadership experience, first as a professor, then as the Founding Dean of the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics.   Her published works include the co-edited books: Taking Stock 2.0: Transforming Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Academic Integrity in Canada: An Enduring and Essential Challenge; Handbook of Human Resource Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industries; Taking Stock: Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; and Curriculum Development in Higher Education: Faculty-Driven Processes and Practices.     In 2015, Christensen Hughes addressed the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of the 700+ international business school signatories to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative. She has also received numerous recognitions, including a Graduate Teaching Excellence Award; the Sheffield Award for Excellence in Research from the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education; a YMCA Women of Distinction Award; and the University of Guelph’s John Bell Award for distinguished educational leadership.  Find Julia's book on Amazon: Taking Stock 2.0: Transforming Teaching and Learning in Higher EducationShare this episode with someone you feel will benefit. Special advice for students and faculty is included.Listen in, comment, review, subscribe or send feedback to Dawna on any one of these channels:Linkedin: EPDawna_JonesInstagram: out of 4 of Dawna's books: Decision Making for Dummies, From Hierarchy to High Performance (co-authored with Ozlem Brooke Erol, Doug Kirkpatrick, and others from the Great Work Cultures NetworkIntro music courtesy of Mark Romero Music. Track is called Alignment.Audio: My audio went wonky on this episode so I'm grateful to for the use of their app to help with recovery.

Returning to the Heart of Business with Marilijn Boumeester

Season 5, Ep. 89
Driving value through clarity on who you are, what truly matters is what differentiates a company from the crowd. Brand strategist and author Marilijn Boumeester talks to Dawna about integrity, values, leadership, and other soft concepts hard to bring to a meaningful level of experience. The character of leaders, stewardship management, and the value of reflection for insight and clarity are a few of the topics discussed. Marilijn is a brand strategist and change strategist based in Amsterdam. Her work and the conversation touch on what you do as an entrepreneur or company in a new era with your values and the role change plays in dealing with complexity.We had a lot of fun collaborating on a complexity quiz published in her freshly published book Van hoofdkantoor naar hartszaak. Yes, it is in Dutch but the conversation isn't. Join us for a bit of a fun fireside type of conversation.Contact Marilijn Boumeester at or on LinkedIn Marilijn mentions Rajeev Peshawaria and Joseph (Jay) Bragdon and his latest book Economies that Mimic Life. Jay is also interviewed in EP4 of this podcast and in the early part of the Evolutionary Provocateur podcast on iTunes.Follow the Inspirational Insights podcast on Spotify or on iTunes.Connect with Dawna on LinkedInConnect on InstagramSubscribe to the monthly newsletterBook a conversation here to discuss decision-making and leadership adaptations during interruptions like a pandemic.