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500%: How Two Pioneers in Self-Leadership Achieved an Unbelievable Increase in Productivity

Season 4, Ep. 71

Andrew Holm Julian Wilson and Dawna Jones met in 2015 when Dawna was nomadically wandering Europe in search of management innovators. The morning spent resulted in their first podcast so in this one, after the publication of book #2 Dawna and Andrew dive deeper into the temptations of transformation, how to meet the messiness of switching out a business model while measuring increases to customer service, quality, price and value.  Steering their decisions using data, we talk about the dangers of relying on data alone, and the man in the mirror conversations when self-leadership and self-management meet.  Designed on the building blocks of natural systems we cover how Matt Black achieved a 500% in productivity while believing it wasn't possible. 

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Using the Covid Interruption to Rethink and Cocreate Resilience and Adaptive Ability

Season 4
COVID 19 is a wake-up call that reminds us that we are part of the living system and it is showing us how ill prepared we are to adapt to uncertainty. While some companies have taken the higher ethical road, others have made short-term decisions that will likely not recover from. We are at a critical time to adapt our intelligence, to meet the complexity of these issues and the uncertainty of them.The COVID virus has exactly the same characteristics as climate change does. COVID is much more immediate, but it's having exactly the same impact on how decisions get made and whether they get made understanding impact and system-wide effects. It has an impact on strategy, how we think about where we're going and what we're doing. It has an impact on humanity and the relationship between humanity and the living world, which is a profound and critically important connection that is long been broken. We are in the midst of what is known as a systems level bifurcation.Systems theorist. Ervin Laszlo says we are at a split in the evolutionary trajectory. I quote, "there are laws of complexity, including laws of the evolution of complexity that apply to all systems. A nonlinear system level transformation called a bifurcation is one such law.A bifurcation indicates a change, a radical change in the evolutionary trajectory. Of the system, but a time will come when such a linear evolution is no longer possible. The system faces a stark alternative, transform or collapse. This is the point of bifurcation."This is the moment that we are in. It's an exciting time because it invites us to change our decision-making from linear, which has caused enormous waste and a negative impact on society to impact based decision-making based on recognizing and respecting the systemic effects. It is having an impact on the assumptions that we make underlying how we hire people, how, people are treated.In this series, I'll be introducing and interviewing different people bringing different perspectives on what opportunities business has and you have to really adjust thinking to adapt to the complex times were in and to take advantage of the moment to co-create better solutions that allow for humans to bring them whole selves to work, to express their talent, their creative talent, and to work with complex issues, respecting their character and their nature. Complex issues do not respond well to linear approaches. I invite you then to join as we learn from this simple virus which may have brought enough of a pattern interruption to allow us to rethink and reinvent what we want in the world and to co-create it together.My name is Dawna Jones. You can find me on LinkedIn at DawnaHJones or on From insight to action.comMy work involves adapting decision-making to meet complex situations, emergent strategy where we don't have a clear picture of the end point anymore, transforming organizations using complexity principles, which are far more effective and provoke, different ways of thinking and ways of making sense of situations.Join me on this series.