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  • how i avoid burnout

    Join me in the meadow today for a life update + layout of how i avoid burnout. I'm talking about the various different types of rest we need in order to find balance, tips for avoiding burnout in the workplace, and undoing people pleaser tendencies! Grab a cup of tea, and cozy up for a longer episode with me.New episodes every Sunday at 7am EST!Contact:

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  • my budgeting tips + financial transparency

    Join me in the meadow today for a breakdown of my budget! from incoming to outgoing money, my budget template and tips, were talking all things money. in this day and age of oversharing our lives online, financial transparency is more important than ever to keep our realities in check. so grab a cup of tea, settle in and let's break down my budgeting as a self employed 28 year old!New episodes every Sunday 7AM ESTContact:
  • life update: what i'm doing, reading, and loving!

    join me in the meadow today for a yappy catch up! it's been a busy week and i'm catching you up on how i'm doing, what i'm reading, watching, enjoying and what i'm looking forward to. sometimes we all just need a little face time vent and catch up! new episodes every sunday at 7AM ESTcontact:
  • how i stopped comparing my life to others

    Join me in the meadow today as I talk about feeling behind in my 20s, and how I switched the narrative. Comparison is truly the thief of joy, and in this age of social media we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Today I'm talking about the ways I've worked toward finding more joy in what i HAVE achieved and how you can too! Grab a cozy tea and curl up for this weeks episode.New episodes every Sunday at 7am ESTContact:
  • navigating my fear of death

    Join me in the meadow today as I unpack my fear of death/dying and how I've got to a better place with it. With age comes more loss. We learn to endure and survive more trauma year after year. Today I'm talking all about the steps I've taken to be more at peace with the concept of death; from natural green burial pinterest boards, to caitlin doughty books, and talking to loved ones about their dying wishes. Grab a cup of iced tea, and cozy on up for a positive chat about death.Resources Mentioned:Caitlin Doughty Books:Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin DoughtyFrom Here to Eternity by Caitlin DoughtyWill My Cat Eat My Eyeballs by Caitlin DoughtyOther Books About Death:Death Nesting by Anne-Marie KeppelDeath Rights and Rites by Judith FenleyBeyond the Dark Veil: Post mortem and Mourning Photography from the Thanatos ArchiveNew episodes every Sunday morning at 7AM ESTContact/Partnerships:
  • the summer bucketlist

    Join me in the meadow today as I share my summer bucketlist! I have so much fun doing these for every season and find they help me live a more intentional and present life. Grab an iced tea, cozy up and let's talk about what I'm hoping to do this summer from garage sailing, to backyard lunch break picnics, and seaglass scouring the beaches. You're never too old to make summer special and that's what this is all about!New episodes every Sunday morning at 7am est :)Partnerships/Contact:
  • leaving social media + digital minimalism

    Join me in the meadow today as I update you on getting close to remission with my ocd, changes to my lifestyle to keep my mental health on track, and a dive into how minimizing social media accounts has changed my life for the better! We live in a world where we're consuming other peoples highlight reels online at a rate that's not sustainable for our self image, wellbeing or bank accounts. I'll share how I've made changes through time to reduce time spent on these apps and how I'm moving forward. Grab a cup of tea and a cozy blanket and let's settle in!New episodes every Sunday morning at 7AM ESTContact: