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  • 1. Looking Towards a New Era

    IAB’s Executive Vice President of Public Policy Dave Grimaldi joins IAB Editor-in-Chief Brad Berens to offer an inside look at D.C’s atmosphere in the aftermath of the unprecedented events of January 6th. Our experts also discuss what Democratic control of Congress and the White House might mean for the digital advertising industry. Will anti-trust legislation against Big Tech be more likely under a Democratic government? This and more on our latest episode of IAB Real. 

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  • 13. Privacy, Biden, and Congress: A Look Ahead

    It has been a little over two weeks since the 2020 U.S. presidential election, and although America made up its mind at the ballot box, the landscape in DC is still hazy and uncertain. Two Senate races are still undecided, and the road ahead for privacy policy and regulation hangs in the balance, with our industry waiting to see if Republicans or Democrats will be calling the shots. In this episode of IAB Real, IAB’s Executive Vice President of Public Policy, Dave Grimaldi, joins IAB Editor-in-Chief Brad Berens to discuss the outcome of the presidential election and predict how the impending administration change will impact the digital advertising industry.
  • 12. CCPA Litigation Trends After First 50 Lawsuits

    Alex Propes chats with Ashley Shively of Holland & Knight about the more than 50 lawsuits that have been filed under the CCPA since the law went into effect in January 2020. Ashley highlights the key trends that are emerging from these cases, and what we should anticipate as they work their way through the courts. Read Holland & Knight's recent article on CCPA litigation:
  • 11. Location Data Privacy and the Fight Against COVID-19

    Alex Propes chats with Stacey Gray of the Future of Privacy Forum about location data and its privacy implications. We cover how location data originates, what determines its accuracy, how it is used, and why Congress is debating its application in the fight against the coronavirus. Read more about FPF's work on location data:
  • 10. Schrems II and the End of Privacy Shield

    Alex Propes chats with Paul Breitbarth of TrustArc about the recent decision by the top European Court to invalidate the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, in which many IAB members participate.
  • 9. The Misguided DC Advertising Tax

    Alex Propes chats with Stephanie Do of the Council on State Taxation about the DC Council's proposed advertising tax and its implications for DC's media and publishing community.
  • 8. International Taxes on Digital Advertising Revenues

    Alex Propes chats with Joe Kennedy of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) about the alarming trend of countries taxing U.S. companies' digital advertising revenues and what the response has been from the U.S. government. For more on this topic, read ITIF's report on Digital Services Taxes: