Not Quite Dead


Everyone's Miracle

Season 1, Ep. 3

In episode three, Alfie sees even more patients with blood loss and torn throats, and Alfie encounters that strange man he saw on the day Linda didn't die, and the vibes are weirder than anything he's ever experienced in his whole life.

Here's the transcript:

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Content Warnings: 

Please bear in mind that this show is a work of horror fiction and frequently places characters in situations which jeopardise their psychological and physical health. This episode contains:    

– mild profanity

– references to sex

– discussion of the process of dying

– medicalised descriptions of death processes and dead people

– death, including violent death

– descriptions of violent injuries, but not the violence that caused them

– hospital settings

– mentions of blood

– a character experiencing dissociation

– a character struggling with memory issues

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