Not Quite Dead


A Friend Indeed

Season 1, Ep. 6

In his memories, Alfie returns to work after spending the night with Casper only to find things more difficult than he expects, and in his present, the person at the door is back. 

Transcript with Content Warnings:


This show is a work of horror fiction frequently places characters in situations which jeopardise their psychological and physical health. In addition, listeners should be aware that this show contains the following throughout:

- profanity

- references to sex

- frequent violence

- traumatic injury

- death, including violent death

- references to medical procedures

- hospital settings

Episode Six, Content Warnings

- discussion of violent deaths

- references to sex

- heavy descriptions of blood

- descriptions of decaying flesh

- detailed descriptions of needles and cannulas

- mentions of throwing up

- descriptions of death

- non-graphic descriptions of medical procedures

- swearing

Not Quite Dead is written, performed, and edited by Eira Major, under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License. With guest performance from Alex Peilober-Richardson as Haley. Live, laugh, bite.

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