Not Quite Dead

Live. Laugh. Bite.

Alfie is a nurse working overtime on the night shift in A&E when a patient comes in with her throat torn out. The girl on the gurney is the first of many, baffling staff and horrifying the public. Eventually, Alfie almost becomes another victim of the walking, rotting dead things which have been attacking his patients, but is saved by the same man he saw dripping blood into his patient’s eye. He’s Casper, and he’s a vampire, and now he’s saved Alfie’s life the two of them are inescapably bound together. Neither of them are happy about it, but the draw of each other’s blood is irresistible. Another brush with death later, Alfie must make a choice: death or undeath. He’s not sure which is worse, but whatever he chooses, there’s bound to be blood.