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  • 2. Season 8 E2 - Exploring the Digital Creative with Daniel Butnariu

    Hey There!As an add up to our previous episode and since many people want to know more about Hyper Island's Digital Creative Programwe brought the right person for the right task! Daniel, Digital Creative's Program Manager in Stockholm agreed to talk with us and answer all of our questions regarding the curriculum, the expectations, the skills and the opportunities that can be found in the Digital Creative Program as well as in Hyper Island in general.In this episode you ll get to hear about:Daniel's unique storyWhat is a Program Manager ?What to consider before applying to Hyper Island ?Differences between Hyper Island Programs in other countriesWhat does the school provide in Sweden ?What is the most Challenging thing in Hyper Island ?What makes Hyper Island stay unique ?Is Digital Creative the most popular Program ?Hard Skills that can be gained in the Digital Creative ProgramA walkthrough in Digital Creative ProgramWhat can someone do after studying in Digital CreativeSelf LeadershipNetworking Enjoy this episode and stay tuned you till the next one as the topic is very HOT!__________________________________If you come up with any questions or feedback feel free to contact us at:🔹 Mail:🔹 IG: Hyper Talks🔹 LinkedIn: Hyper TalksIf you liked our content and want to learn more about Hyper Talks consider following us.

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  • 1. Season 8 E1 - What is "Hyper Island" with Joerg Teichgraeber

    Hey There!As promised we are kickstarting the year with a most anticipated episode !For our first episode we brought in with us, Joerg Teichgraeber, Head of School of Hyper Island Sweden, Voice Actor and a Content Creator himself!In order to join our show he had to travel all the way from Karlskrona so extra gratitude on that!In this episode we talk about:Joerg, his interesting career path and challenges he facedTips and tricks on how to co-op with challenges in the work environment and in studiesWhat is the core of Hyper Island's EducationExperience - Based LearningHow projects are done in Hyper IslandHow students have control over their learningsWhy should someone apply for Hyper IslandHow to handle the Application TaskThe diversity in students' backgroundsHow Hyper Island affects youWhat follows next after graduating Hyper Islandall narrated by sharing personal storiesEnjoy this episode and stay tuned you till the next one!__________________________________If you come up with any questions or feedback feel free to contact us at:🔹 Mail:🔹 IG: Hyper Talks🔹 LinkedIn: Hyper TalksIf you liked our content and want to learn more about Hyper Talks consider following us.Don't forget to check Joerg's Youtube Channel - HIX ( )
  • Season 8 E0 - Season 8 Check In

    Hey There!Hyper Talks is BACK ON and ready for a new season full of Topics such as :- Tech and Creative Industry Related- Student Related- Hyper Island Relatedand a lot more!Episode 0 is our Check In and the chance to meet our new Team Members.This is a preview of how the whole season is going to flow.Serious(NOT!) - Geeky - Open - And FUN !!!Excited already?!Well, we sure are!Enjoy!__________________________________If you come up with any questions or feedback feel free to contact us at:🔹 Mail:🔹 IG: Hyper Talks🔹 LinkedIn: Hyper Talks
  • 1. Season 7 E1 - "See No Evil" - Ethical Design with Kat

    Welcome to Season 7 of HyperTalks! After taking over the mantle from the previous team, we thought we'd kick off strong with a discussion that we consider to be highly relevant in today's digital world. On this episode our hosts Angela and Liam had the privilege to discuss the topic of Ethical Design with Kat Zhou, Product Designer at Spotify and Creator of Design Ethically. The result was a fascinating conversation that touched on many things, including screen addiction, passive aggressive owls, and adorable huskies. Big thanks to Kat for setting the bar for this season high with a laugh-filled and thoughtful episode!Kat's website, filled with useful links and an agenda for upcoming events:, until the next time!
  • 3. Season 6 E3 - Preparing to Leave The Island

    And just like that, time flew and we are here, at the very last episode of the 2020-2021 crew…Join us as we reflect on the past year and all things Hyper Island journey. We really appreciated your presence with us throughout all of this! We had such a blast making the episodes and learning all these new amazing skills!What a ride! Next time, you will hear a whole new perspective from a new crew and we cannot wait to hear all the stories they are going to tell! But without further ado, enjoy the episode!Much love from,Andrea, Anne, Ellen, Fanny, Haidar, Max & Torjus
  • 2. Season 6 E2 - The Internship Bible - All You Need To Know

    Internships are currently on the horizon for some Hyper Island, and we wanted to take a pause, to share thoughts and tips on how to approach internships in the best frame of mind. Linnéa Bergling, who has recently finished an internship, sat down with us, and shared her knowledge and past experiences on the topic. Hosted, scripted and edited by Fanny Barrsjö and Haidar Walid. Produced by Anne Skoug Obel. Social Media and Distribution by Andrea Urquieta.
  • 1. Season 6 E1 - Reflections on a weird year

    New Season, New Team, New Episodes.In true Hyper Island fashion, we wanted to reflect on how weird 2020 was, and what we are bringing with us to 2021...Produced by: Anne Obel.Edited by: Fanny Barrjsö, Max Wroblewski.Social Media and Distribution by Andrea Urquieta and Haidar Walid.Hosted and Scripted by Ellen Gustavsson and Torjus Berglid.Last, but not least, a massive thank you to all of our interviewees! Without you, this episode could not have been possible!