Season 8 E1 - What is "Hyper Island" with Joerg Teichgraeber

Season 8, Ep. 1

Hey There!

As promised we are kickstarting the year with a most anticipated episode !

For our first episode we brought in with us, Joerg Teichgraeber, Head of School of Hyper Island Sweden, Voice Actor and a Content Creator himself!

In order to join our show he had to travel all the way from Karlskrona so extra gratitude on that!

In this episode we talk about:

  • Joerg, his interesting career path and challenges he faced
  • Tips and tricks on how to co-op with challenges in the work environment and in studies
  • What is the core of Hyper Island's Education
  • Experience - Based Learning
  • How projects are done in Hyper Island
  • How students have control over their learnings
  • Why should someone apply for Hyper Island
  • How to handle the Application Task
  • The diversity in students' backgrounds
  • How Hyper Island affects you
  • What follows next after graduating Hyper Island

all narrated by sharing personal stories

Enjoy this episode and stay tuned you till the next one!


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