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Hump Day with Swanny & Friends

Guest Friend - Sergio Paradise

Season 6, Ep. 65

Meeting Steve Marshall, more affectionately known as Sergio Paradise for the first time, Samantha was unsure how this respectable man from the Media of over 30 years would fit in. She should have just looked at the contents of his page to know he was the perfect fit. More talk about Dicks than we have ever talked!

Being a great of the industry for so long Sergio also shared some of his funnies about some of his colleagues over the journey with the likes of Trevor Marmalade & Eddie McGuire and some, who, well it was best they weren’t ent named.


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  • 24. I thought I Was Gonna Lose a Kidney! Spot-Betting, and AFL Maths Science.

    Well this has gone pear-shaped. A guest has been a no show, what a mess. Can Dane and Ralphy recover? Only one way to find out.But the pod gets off to a rough start, Dane is feeling flat following Glen McFarlane's list of the Top 10 Pies of all time, which criminally left him off. It's a dreadful oversight and Dane and Ralphy treat it with the disdain it deserves, including a suggestion from Dane for a 'bukkake-off'. Not sure that will work. Ralphy asks Dane to nominate the players who he feels should be ahead of him on the list. Dane seems particularly unhappy with being beaten by Syd Coventry and wants to know how many Anzac Day medals Syd won - clearly none.Dane's impressed with Harley Reid, and says his highlight reel at his age is better than Chris Judd's at the same age. Dane reckons once he can put 4 quarters together he'll be a star.Ralphy raises #1 draft picks, and runs through the #1 draft picks who've had incredible careers, in the context of West Coast getting Harley Reid instead of North last year.We chat about the A-League debacle this week with players playing for yellow cards and the spot-betting scandal. Dane reckons spot-betting on AFL is very difficult, unlike soccer, tennis, and cricket.Ralphy reads out some of your questions, keep em coming on the socials. We have a question about Tastebuds, and find out just how much input and work Dane puts into it (hot tip - bugger all). We find out Dane's most hated exercise in the gym.Dane talks about how he should have had 2, maybe 3 Brownlow's.More AFL Maths Science, and Dane and Ralphy say they need to do better. 50/50 results last week which was disappointing. A few good options this week, and which team does Dane call 'fucking horrible'?And we end up with a part 3 of the pod today, because our planned guest Russell Robertson didn't turn up! Dane blames Glenn McFarlane for sabotaging it. Dane also calls the podcast listeners 'fucking arseholes'. So there's that.Dane reckons the music played at his Swan FC match on the weekend was the worst music he's ever heard at a footy match. We run through some more listener feedback including one lunatic who reckons he saw a Harley Reid goal on PornHub. Really?Sam back next week !! So get ready for some baby chat.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 23. Guest Friend David Rhys-Jones: 'When I Knew I Was Done' & 'Robert Walls Was Brutal'

    Guest friend this week is the legendary David Rhys-Jones, always a good chinwag. Aside from a catchup telling old footy stories, David is raising awareness of Prader-Willi Syndrome, David's son lives with PWS. You can find out more here, and for just 15 bucks buy a ticket in the PWS raffle, major prize a luxury trip to Bali. David talks us through a bit about PWS, which gets pretty much zero government support, so if you can spare a few bucks it's a ripping cause.Somehow, in amongst that, Dane manages to plug Tastebuds with Dane Swan. How does he tie it in? No idea. He just did. We also get a Swan FC update following his trip to the Sunshine Coast last weekend where he kicked a goal and had 25 touches. In the thirds, but hey it's pretty good. Dane reckons he has found his place in the thirds.Given David's history in Tassie we get his thoughts on whether the Tassie AFL team will succeed. And we ask him if he regrets any of the whacks he handed out on the field. There is one, he tells us who on the pod. And he tells a great story of his battle with Greg Williams, when he played with a broken jaw, and later when Diesel came to Carlton for the 1992 season.David talks about the brutal pre-seasons back in his day, which leads to him and Dane comparing 'sprays' from coaches. Wallsy was 'brutal' according to David, and Dane tells a couple of stories about Mick Malthouse being a bit out of control calling him 'an angry man'.Ralphy has some homework for the team, and for you, which is to watch this video of 'Scam Cam' on the Footy Show. David gives the back story to how it happened.David played with, and on, the legendary Bruce Doull and tells a couple of stories about him. And he tells us about his final game against West Coast in Perth, and how he forgot to tell Carlton that he was retiring.We chat about Dustin Martin and the criticism he's copping at the moment. Dane reckons people should lay off and enjoy Dusty while he's playing, David says that not a single Tigers support would be bagging Dusty, and Dane thinks that he might be the greatest Tiger of all time.And we talk concussions, and given they weren't measured in David's day, how he addressed them when he had what he thought was one.A great guest friend today in David Rhys-Jones, and don't forget to slip a few bucks and buy a raffle ticket at the Prader-Willi Syndrome site here.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 22. Dane Gets Turned On Watching Baby Reindeer & Maths Science: 'Playing the Tigers is Like a Bye'

    Big show today with some Maths Science to crunch shortly. But first things first. We get an update on the Tom Brady roast, which both Dane and Ralphy have now seen. Plenty of thoughts including repeating an explicit (yet typical roast) joke about Gisele Bündchen, Toms ex-wife.Dane has now seen Baby Reindeer and thought it was okay, and episode 4 wasn't as bad as Ralphy made out. In fact he says it turned him on and he 'rubbed one out' while he watched it. Afterwards he went down the online rabbit hole and read all about it. That said, Dane says it's no 'Tastebuds with Dane Swan' which he describes as 'Electric TV'.Into Maths Science, Dane and Ralphy kick around Thursday night footy, they love it, and will miss it when it's gone. Ralphy has a theory on what the AFL are doing. He also says that he's concerned that the Kangaroos may not survive the introduction of a Tasmanian team. Dane and Ralphy think that playing Richmond at the moment is the equivalent of a bye, and Dane says that whilst Ross Lyon is underperforming with St Kilda, no coach could get much out of the list they have.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 21. Roasts, The Return of Richo, and Dane Comments on Scott Pendlebury's Schlong

    Guest friend today is Jason Richardson and after Ralphy's horror last week at watching episode 4 of Baby Reindeer, as you'd expect on a footy focused podcast we kick off with Ralphy asking Richo about Baby Reindeer. He hasn't seen it, and Ralphy recommends against it.But what Richo is planning to see, and Dane has, is the Tom Brady roast. We kick round what Aussies would be up for being roasted, and who would not be. Dane mentions that he has seen a spit roast, but that sounds suspiciously like something else. We may be wrong.Dane believes whilst Scott Pendlebury is generally clean as a whistle and that it may be hard to roast him, he thinks Pendles has something dark and devious about him. And he reveals that in 15-years of playing footy with him he never once saw Pendles' dick, which he reckons is suss.What reality show would Dane like to go on? Once requiring not much effort. He says that if he was to go on Dancing With the Stars, he'd want a fee of a million bucks and that his partner would insist he danced with a bloke.Richo talks about the brutality of the stopwatch and how he enjoyed that about his sporting career, and we talk 'fat club' at Hawthorn. We get a Swan FC update, Dane is off to Queensland this weekend to have a kick.And as you'd expect, the Hall of Fame comes up again. Dane still flat. To add to it, Richo hasn't bothered watching Dane's new TV show....possibly because he's on a different show at the same time, but it sounds excusey.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 20. Dane: 'If the Dogs Don't Beat Richmond, Bevo Won't Make it to Monday'. And Round 9 Maths Science.

    With Sam having had her beautiful baby, but being a lazy-arse and not coming back yet, we've roped in Jason Richardson to help us with a bit of Maths Science today.Before we get to that though, we bang on about a bit of shit for a while. Dane reckons that Bucks definitely put him up as trade bait at some point. And Dane doubles down and says despite the draw, Carlton are always Collingwood's 'little bitch'. And he tells a story about playing on the road, and staying out the night before a game until 7am playing poker at the Casino.On a more serious note. Dane is 'flat' because Sam has named her baby Harley and not Dane. Ordinary. And looking at some feedback, Ralphy cops a whack for recommending Baby Reindeer, and Dane hasn't done his homework and watched it yet.Then onto Maths Science!Is Ralphy going to cash in his Freo bet? And what team does Dane reckon are on their last chance for him before he writes them off for the year?Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 19. Never Mind the Draw. Baby Reindeer WTF! And Will Sam Wicks get 'Hopoated' This Week?

    Big show today. Dane and Ralphy chat extra time in the AFL. Should it come in or not? There is vigorous disagreement and one of the boys calls the other a 'liar'. Trouble in paradise. Swan FC update, 3-1 so far this year, in good form, and Dane explains his warm-up routine....which involves pretty much no warm-up, but plenty of something else before he runs out.We discuss the father/son rule and if it's fair or not. And then...Ralphy brings up his shock at watching Baby Reindeer. Dane hasn't seen it, so that's his homework this week. Ralphy reckons it's horrific but Dane has to watch it because he is a 'sick fuck'.Dane and Ralphy discuss Sam Wicks and the lack of a goal celebration. Did the media beat it up? Do Sam's team-mates think he's a knob? One thing Dane is confident on, if Sam gets a goal this weekend, he will get Hopoate'd and bukakke'd all over the field. That's a visual we can all do without.Ralphy lost his phone last week, but a Good Samaritan found it and returned it. Did he give enough of a reward? How does Sydney journo Paul Kent come back from the hilarious video of him punching on in the streets with a bunch of blokes.And if Ben Cousins is in the Hall of Fame before Dane, how would he feel about that? Dane tells us. And Dane gives his thoughts on Rory Sloane as a player.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 18. Dane: 'Collingwood are Miles off at the Moment'. AFL Maths Science for Round 8.

    Back with some more Maths Science to pick the lines and some of the boys best bets of the week, but before we get to that, Ralphy has read a Robbo article that he wants Dane's opinion on. Giving Brayshaw and BT a bit of a whack...always fun.Is Dane going to the Carlton v Collingwood game this week, and can he tip with his head or his heart on this one? Or neither. Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 17. Guest Friend Dr Peter Larkins. Dane: 'I Played Footy as a Kid, Cos Online Porn Didn't Exist'

    A cracking guest friend today, the highly respect Dr Peter Larkins joins us and we find out how he got his start in the media, and the extraordinary scenario he found himself in with The Duck at Waverley Park in his very first game!The Doc tells us a couple of the most significant injuries he's ever seen. He tells us about getting chewed out by Geoff Walsh over how he reported one players return form injury.The Doc has a new book out, it's called 'The Healthy Hundred' and it's about how to age well. He tells us about some of the stuff in the book. You can get it pretty much anywhere, bookstores, online - but the easiest place to get it is from the Docs website - As the bloke in the hat used to say, do yourself a favour.Ralphy nearly derails the pod with a joke about blokes getting colonoscopies which amuses him and Dane no end....the Doc far more professional than to engage with that sort of lowbrow humour. But the Doc doesn't miss a drive-by on Billy Brownless! We're talking about getting kids active, and Dane reveals that the only reason he started playing footy when he was a kid is because online porn wasn't around. Just imagine. And Ralphy tells a story about Israeli fighter pilots. This whole pod really has gone to shit today!But thankfully the Doc gets us back on track and there are heaps of great bits of advice about ageing well, what to do, and how to start if you're coming from a low base. Heaps of info in the pod, and the book is well worth sussing out.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesRalphy: us in the Merch store: Shop here :)Gambling hotline: 1800 858 858
  • 16. Dane: 'Unfortunately I Don’t Produce Milk' & AFL Round 7 Maths Science

    AFL Maths Science is back this week for Round 7, and before we get to it Dane expresses his displeasure with Josh Rachele 'fucking' his multi last week. And he reckons everyone needs to calm the farm on Harley Reid saying that while he may well be a great player, he's not even in the Top 5 of the West Coast 2024 Best and Fairest count yet.We have some domestic chat. Dane is in trouble at home. Taylor reckons he is shithouse at cleaning and washing, whilst Dane reckons she makes it more complex than it needs to be.And in your questions, we find out what the two teams are that Dane would have liked to have played for if he hadn't been drafted by the Pies.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches