cover art for Dane's Top 19 Players of the Top 20 Players of the Past 20 years, Guest Friend ABC's Ben Cameron, and Dane talks Hotel Buffets on the road

Hump Day with Swanny & Friends

Dane's Top 19 Players of the Top 20 Players of the Past 20 years, Guest Friend ABC's Ben Cameron, and Dane talks Hotel Buffets on the road

Season 7, Ep. 28

Aaaand we're back. Guest friend this week is Ben Cameron from the ABC. Ben works on ABC radio each week with Mick Malthouse and has a theory to put to Dane, that Mick loves ratbags. And we hear more about Mick's 'jam' passion.

We talk about Ralphy's slightly misleading Bucks headline about Dane not wanting Bucks to coach, the longer version is that Dane says Bucks is a better person when he's not coaching. We discuss Tassie and who might coach the team, Dane reckons they will struggle for players, and should focus on players who aren't into the more exciting lifestyle on offer in places like Melbourne and Sydney. Dane makes the comment that Tim Lane has no idea what he's talking about when he says that kids will love to live in Tassie.

We ask Ben about COLA and Ralphy puts his idea to Dane and Ben about a kind of reverse COLA in cheaper to live in markets like Adelaide.

We then get to the list. Dane and Ralphy give their Top 20 players of the past 20- years, and Ralphy gives his Top 20 of the 80s and 90s.

Ben tells us a story about going to Taronga Zoo with Mick Malthouse, and Mick told him about preventing Glen Jakovich from being eaten by a lion.

Dane tells us why Bomber Thompson is an arsehole, and Ben tells us why he reckons Malcolm Blight is one of the nicest blokes, he shares a ripping story about Blighty and Karmichael Hunt.

Ralphy and Dane ask Ben, who watches and calls footy every weekend, to talk us through where he reckons each club is at. And as a Perth boy he explains why he reckons Adam Simpson survived at West Coast at the end of last year.

Ben reckons the ABC's footy call and commentary is far more contemporary than it gets credit for.

We talk about the relationship between the media and footy coaches, and how those who 'play the game' get an easier ride than the others.

And Ralphy continues to bang on about his bet on Freo for the flag.

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  • 27. Would Dane coach in Tassie? And Maths Science.

    Dane has come in croaky AF today. Self inflicted? Maybe in part. Swan FC have had another win and Ralphy wants to know what has caused this turn around in form. We run through some listener questions, most good, one in particular far too personal. Bucks has responded to Dane's comments last week on him coaching, and Ralphy wants to know what it would take Dane to coach under Bucks. The answer is cash. Who'd have thunk it. And we find out what AFL ground is the one Dane hated the most.Dane reckons he could whip any AFL clubs gameplay into shape.Maths Science. No Harley Reid. Does this give North a shot to knock of the Eagles in Perth? And we discuss whether suspension should knock you out of the Rising Star or the Brownlow race. Dane has an idea, which is pretty bloody good. See you on the pod ! Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 26. Guest Friend - Russell Robertson

    We fear he may never show, traffic in Melbourne, is diabolical, as we know. However, he is a great man, with great stories and happens to be supporting a great cause (Fight MND) so a few minutes in, we were finally graced with the presence of Robbo, one of the Dees greatest boots. Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samantharichesIf you are looking for ways you can support the Fight MND cause -
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  • 24. I thought I Was Gonna Lose a Kidney! Spot-Betting, and AFL Maths Science.

    Well this has gone pear-shaped. A guest has been a no show, what a mess. Can Dane and Ralphy recover? Only one way to find out.But the pod gets off to a rough start, Dane is feeling flat following Glen McFarlane's list of the Top 10 Pies of all time, which criminally left him off. It's a dreadful oversight and Dane and Ralphy treat it with the disdain it deserves, including a suggestion from Dane for a 'bukkake-off'. Not sure that will work. Ralphy asks Dane to nominate the players who he feels should be ahead of him on the list. Dane seems particularly unhappy with being beaten by Syd Coventry and wants to know how many Anzac Day medals Syd won - clearly none.Dane's impressed with Harley Reid, and says his highlight reel at his age is better than Chris Judd's at the same age. Dane reckons once he can put 4 quarters together he'll be a star.Ralphy raises #1 draft picks, and runs through the #1 draft picks who've had incredible careers, in the context of West Coast getting Harley Reid instead of North last year.We chat about the A-League debacle this week with players playing for yellow cards and the spot-betting scandal. Dane reckons spot-betting on AFL is very difficult, unlike soccer, tennis, and cricket.Ralphy reads out some of your questions, keep em coming on the socials. We have a question about Tastebuds, and find out just how much input and work Dane puts into it (hot tip - bugger all). We find out Dane's most hated exercise in the gym.Dane talks about how he should have had 2, maybe 3 Brownlow's.More AFL Maths Science, and Dane and Ralphy say they need to do better. 50/50 results last week which was disappointing. A few good options this week, and which team does Dane call 'fucking horrible'?And we end up with a part 3 of the pod today, because our planned guest Russell Robertson didn't turn up! Dane blames Glenn McFarlane for sabotaging it. Dane also calls the podcast listeners 'fucking arseholes'. So there's that.Dane reckons the music played at his Swan FC match on the weekend was the worst music he's ever heard at a footy match. We run through some more listener feedback including one lunatic who reckons he saw a Harley Reid goal on PornHub. Really?Sam back next week !! So get ready for some baby chat.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 23. Guest Friend David Rhys-Jones: 'When I Knew I Was Done' & 'Robert Walls Was Brutal'

    Guest friend this week is the legendary David Rhys-Jones, always a good chinwag. Aside from a catchup telling old footy stories, David is raising awareness of Prader-Willi Syndrome, David's son lives with PWS. You can find out more here, and for just 15 bucks buy a ticket in the PWS raffle, major prize a luxury trip to Bali. David talks us through a bit about PWS, which gets pretty much zero government support, so if you can spare a few bucks it's a ripping cause.Somehow, in amongst that, Dane manages to plug Tastebuds with Dane Swan. How does he tie it in? No idea. He just did. We also get a Swan FC update following his trip to the Sunshine Coast last weekend where he kicked a goal and had 25 touches. In the thirds, but hey it's pretty good. Dane reckons he has found his place in the thirds.Given David's history in Tassie we get his thoughts on whether the Tassie AFL team will succeed. And we ask him if he regrets any of the whacks he handed out on the field. There is one, he tells us who on the pod. And he tells a great story of his battle with Greg Williams, when he played with a broken jaw, and later when Diesel came to Carlton for the 1992 season.David talks about the brutal pre-seasons back in his day, which leads to him and Dane comparing 'sprays' from coaches. Wallsy was 'brutal' according to David, and Dane tells a couple of stories about Mick Malthouse being a bit out of control calling him 'an angry man'.Ralphy has some homework for the team, and for you, which is to watch this video of 'Scam Cam' on the Footy Show. David gives the back story to how it happened.David played with, and on, the legendary Bruce Doull and tells a couple of stories about him. And he tells us about his final game against West Coast in Perth, and how he forgot to tell Carlton that he was retiring.We chat about Dustin Martin and the criticism he's copping at the moment. Dane reckons people should lay off and enjoy Dusty while he's playing, David says that not a single Tigers support would be bagging Dusty, and Dane thinks that he might be the greatest Tiger of all time.And we talk concussions, and given they weren't measured in David's day, how he addressed them when he had what he thought was one.A great guest friend today in David Rhys-Jones, and don't forget to slip a few bucks and buy a raffle ticket at the Prader-Willi Syndrome site here.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches
  • 22. Dane Gets Turned On Watching Baby Reindeer & Maths Science: 'Playing the Tigers is Like a Bye'

    Big show today with some Maths Science to crunch shortly. But first things first. We get an update on the Tom Brady roast, which both Dane and Ralphy have now seen. Plenty of thoughts including repeating an explicit (yet typical roast) joke about Gisele Bündchen, Toms ex-wife.Dane has now seen Baby Reindeer and thought it was okay, and episode 4 wasn't as bad as Ralphy made out. In fact he says it turned him on and he 'rubbed one out' while he watched it. Afterwards he went down the online rabbit hole and read all about it. That said, Dane says it's no 'Tastebuds with Dane Swan' which he describes as 'Electric TV'.Into Maths Science, Dane and Ralphy kick around Thursday night footy, they love it, and will miss it when it's gone. Ralphy has a theory on what the AFL are doing. He also says that he's concerned that the Kangaroos may not survive the introduction of a Tasmanian team. Dane and Ralphy think that playing Richmond at the moment is the equivalent of a bye, and Dane says that whilst Ross Lyon is underperforming with St Kilda, no coach could get much out of the list they have.Follow us, share the pod with a mate, and support us if you feel the urge. If not, then as you were.Podcast : @swannyandfriendsDane: @danes84Samantha @samanthariches