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Hump Day with Swanny & Friends

"Melbourne fans have no class" + Maths Science round 14

Season 7, Ep. 29

Dane tells Ralphy who he really is, we unpack some listener questions and get to talking about round 14.

Ralphy gives his best and no its not an elaborate joke!

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  • 38. Reunions and recoveries

    Dane fancies himself the next Lara Bingle and no were not referring to his hungover footy skills over the weekend. He calls in from his bed in Perth to join the rest of the community in unpacking the wildcard round possibility and you wont believe it, theres some low brow gags in here. Standard show really where we discuss everything from Botox to tackles (of the football variety) to Dale Thomas.Enjoy! Support us elsewhere:@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samanthariches
  • 37. AFL Season 2024 Maths Science - Round 19

    Dane is a team player and the team he plays for is you the people so this week he has called in from Perth, yes he got up early, to get this episode of his and Ralphy's musings about round 19, to your earholes. The rambling, we saved for part 2.You're welcome Support us elsewhere:@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesGamblers Hotline: 1800 262 376 
  • 36. Mobility scooters + Maths Science

    Well back from his work trip with his 6 other mates, Ralphy explains how his time in Vegas was slightly different to Dane's many visits.It is usually Dane that has Samantha on edge about inappropriateness but Ralphy came out firing today!Some listener questions led into us unpacking the upcoming round of the AFL premiership seasonSamantha's face was sore from laughing, it's good to have the gang back together, for now!Support us elsewhere:@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesGamblers Hotline: 1800 262 376 
  • 35. And then there were 2 + Maths Science

    Ralphy is away....but you usually cant hear him anyway.Samantha and Dane weren't going to let you down just because Ralphy wanted to take his kids to Vegas so they jumped on line and put down thoughts on every thing from why other peoples farts smell worse than your own through to some great insight on who the best player in the league is right now. They then went through and unpacked each game of the round for those of you who love a punt. Remember though do it responsibly if you do. Support us elsewhere:@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesGamblers Hotline: 1800 262 376 
  • 34. Its nice to get out and have my fill of men

    It was our 5 year anniversary of being cancelled today and it was like Dane was trying to take us to the edge once again... Samantha's first show back maybe her last. Special guest Harley reveals he is a boob guy and wasn't waiting for nothing so yes, Samantha's mic does get turned off as we are not an ASMR podcast. Ralphy's doesn't, he just still struggles to use a microphone, 5 years in.None of the hot media agenda items, all of the good stuff, hear who looks forward to getting out and having their fill of men here. @swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samanthariches
  • 33. AFL Season 2024 Maths Science - Round 16

    If you're new here, in this episode we talk some nonsense, address some important questions sent in by our listeners before breaking down each game of round 16 of the AFL premiership season, with some analysis and opinions...This is Part 2 of our weekly recording session, but really, listen in any order. @swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesGamblers Hotline: 1800 262 376 
  • 32. Hall of Fame Dane and Mick Malthouse

    Samantha has been managed for yet another week, purely to make way for one of the biggest guests, we have had on.We would like to think it has been our constant campaigning that has led us to this moment ... and by us, we mean Dane.Dane has finally made it in to the Hall of Fame and we couldn’t be prouder (of our campaigning).In his own words theres only so much Dane can talk himself up, so we got the big dog, in to do it for him.Enjoy this episode with the one and only Mick MalthouseFollow us on the socials@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesSpecial Guest: Mick Malthouse
  • 31. Still not in Collingwood's Hall of Fame + Maths Science

    Well! Incase you missed it on the Telly, (he's quite funny isn't he!) here is part one with how it all unfolded. As usual we get to your listener questions and we unpack round 15 of the AFL premiership season@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesGamblers Hotline: 1800 262 376 
  • 30. "How I met Dusty" & guest friend Marko Allen, returns

    As the title suggests Marko Allen joined us once again to lift our standards amidst rumours Samantha is returning next week. We will believe that when we hear it! So enjoy another rogue episode before Mum returns to crack the whip.Oh and we chat about a little known footballer from Castlemaine.Follow us on the socials@swannyandfriends@danes84@rtralphy@samantharichesSpecial Guest: Mark Allen @MarkAllenGolfHis "talk birdie to me" golf pod for those wanting to jump on board and have a listen can be found HERE or where ever you get your podcasts!.