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10 Mathias Eriksson - Screw goals, find your new valued direction

Ep. 10
We speak with Mathias Eriksson about how to lead businesses boldy in times of change and a pandemic.Mathias Eriksson calls himself an applier/bastardiser of science. A Doer-Thinker. A practitioner. He is an entrepreneur with a handful of companies behind him. He started the awarded (60+ international awards, Gold Lions and Webbys among them) content agency Matter in 2009 and sold it in 2018. Before Matter he co-founded and ran furniture producer/incorporated art project Brikolör that made themselves famous offering a 300-year emotional and technical guarantee of their products. He is a founding team member of the AI-company Adverai and is currently active as a digital transformation specialist, helping companies lay the groundwork for massive automation through clever use of data, software, and smarter processes where HUMANS + MACHINES is the secret sauce.Mathias started his career as an investigative reporter for Swedish Broadcasting and has recently picked up his studies in Social Anthropology and Science- and Technology Studies. He researches our current and future lives with the machines and how the new machine age influences culture. From time to time, Mathias shares some writing on Machines, Humans, and Science on his blog and on his Instagram.  ☀️ HOW - THE PODHow the Pod: Tech and social entrepreneur Heidi Harman picks the brains of change makers about tech and society.⚡️ Instagram Twitter Linked Facebook @Acast @spotify❤️ PARTNERS FOR THIS - A research based tool for HR managers to measure gender & diversity paygap and create parity reports.