Hide and Speak


EP.5 - Richard Dawson

Season 1, Ep. 5

Sitting in the hide with Matt today is Newcastle singer-songwriter Richard Dawson. They chat about Brian May's christmas pudding, life-saving survival tips for badger attacks, the square egg-laying ficticious Gillygaloo and much more. Richard also chats about his recently released collaborative album with Finnish band Circle entitled 'Henki', how the collaboration came about and how snooker legend Steve Davis came to be the star of his latest music video for the song 'Lily'.

For more on Richard visit - www.richarddawson.net

Richard on twitter - www.twitter.com/richarddawson12

Listen/buy/download 'Henki' via - www.richardmichaeldawson.bandcamp.com/album/henki

Episode 5 is sponsored by our good friends Karma Coast (www.karmacoastcbd.co.uk). For a 10% discount on their website use the code 'mattskarma' at the checkout.

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