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EP.12 - Dave Burdis of Black Shape

Season 2, Ep. 2

Enjoying a spot of bird watching with Matt in episode 12 is Dave Burdis, one half of the rock and roll group Black Shape. Topics include cats, riffs, Ariana Grande, Radio 3, Jazz, as well as how Dave is writing science fiction. Dave is a truly fascinating and prolific musician along with his bandmate Andrew Cleaver who have released a huge catalogue of music in the last 6 months alone. Latest offering is The House EP released by Rat Run Records. The duo reside in London and continue to create some of the most captivating music within their genre.

Black Shape on Spotify -

'Lubic' music video from the album 'F*ck Me' -

'Beefy' music video from the album 'Don't F*ck With Me' -

Matt's new single 'Summer Hide' -

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  • EP.14 - Frankie Archer

    In the hide today Matt is joined by electro-folk artist Frankie Archer discussing her career so far, appearing on 'Later...with Jools Holland', emo phases, The Sopranos, technical difficulties, gear, working with producer Jim Moray, more gear and much more! Recorded in May 2024, in Thornley Woods bird hide. For more on Frankie: more on Hide & Speak / Matt: by Wolfgang Paradiso.Thank you for listening!
  • 3. EP.13 - Flyte (featuring M Field)

    Welcome to Hide and Speak! After a bit of a break, Matt is back in the bird hide. This time with Will Taylor, Nick Hill and M Field of the British band Flyte, where they chat about Flyte's self-titled album, the recording process, and collaborating with an array of wonderfully talented friends and musicians including Bille Marten, Laura Marling, M Field, Andrew Sarlo and many more. The band were on their sold out UK tour when they dropped by to chat in the hide.The bands new album 'Flyte' is available everywhere now via - the music video for 'Defender' here - 'Tough Love' featuring Florence Pugh - thanks to Alex, Ollie, Adam, Flyte and M Field.Artwork by Wolfgang Paradiso. Recorded in a bird hide in the North East of England, December 2023.
  • 1. EP.11 - Brooke Bentham

    Invited into the bird hide for episode 11 is the wonderful singer-songwriter Brooke Bentham. Matt and Brooke discuss the silly world of Tiktok, ASMR, what its like having Robin Pecknold as your songwriting professor, Brooke'ss latest EP 'Caring', working with Bill Ryder-Jones and much much more. Brooke spots a woodpecker and a buzzard and learns about ducks a little bit too.This episode was recorded in a bird hide in October 2022.Listen to 'Caring' EP - Brooke's website - to Brooke's London show - and Over video - for Matt's Newcastle show - Early Purple stuff -
  • 10. EP.10 - Sam Fender

    For the final episode in season one, Matt is joined by Sam Fender who needs little introduction but his career is really impressive so... He is a two-time brit award winner, two-time NME award winner, has had two UK number one albums, tours arenas now, headlines festivals and is best mates with Francis Bourgeois. Matt and Sam are joined by two grumpy swerns while they discuss who'd play him in a movie, arena tours, vocal issues, psychopaths, Roysters crisps, and Sam coins the phrase 'Nature's Heathrow' when describing the pond. Sam's website - www.samfender.comSeventeen Going Under - East Homeless Charity - Sam - @sam_fenderFollow Matt - @ismynamematt / @hideandspeakpodcastThe Early Purple - http://www.theearlypurple.comSocials - @theearlypurpleKarma Coast - Discount Code - 'mattskarma'Artwork by Wolfgang Paradisio - www.wolfgangparadisio.comRecorded in March 2021 in a bird hide in Northumberland.Thanks for listening x
  • 9. EP.9 - Jeremy Pritchard (Everything Everything)

    Joining Matt for a spot of birding in episode 9 is Multi-Mercury Prize nominated Everything Everything bassist Jeremy Pritchard. Jeremy joined Matt before his show in Newcastle while on his UK tour. They chatted about Kevin, the A.I that the band programmed to 'help' write the latest album 'Raw Data Feel' (coming out on May 20th), running while on tour, funny USA morning TV performances, Findo Gask and Dutch Uncles appreciation and finally lifting the lid on the Everything Everything legend Dave Sardine.Everything Everything - on IG - in a bird hide in April 2022.Matt's new solo project The Early Purple - / for listening x
  • 8. EP.8 - The Dawdler

    Enjoying a spot of bird-watching with Matt in the hide for episode 9 is the charming John Edgar (also known as) The Dawdler. In this extra long episode, as well as spotting a Jay, Roe Deer, a very hungry heron, and a tree creeper, John and Matt chat about N64's Golden Eye, Aslan's Theme, Sledging (in cricket), John's recent diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, pumping and a LOT more. The fart did not remain.The Dawdler - www.thedawdlermusic.comTwitter - - artwork by Wolfgang Paradisio (John's lovely wife Sarah) - www.wolfgangparadisio.comThis episode was recorded in a bird hide in March 2022.Thanks for listening xWant to be a guest on the podcast? email -
  • 7. EP.7 - Smote

    Joining Matthew in the bird hide today is Dan from Newcaslte-based psych band Smote. The chat took place in a new hide for Matt, and there were a few podcast firsts in terms of bird spotting. A nuthatch or two, and a great spotted woodpecker. They talked about Dan's DIY recording techniques, the inspirations of his latest album 'Drommon', The Epic of Giglamesh, Hard to Be a God, and Dan's new found adoration of the humble moorhen. Album 'Drommon' -'Poleyn' Music video - on spotify - to be a God Trailer - Trailer - Instagram - episode was recorded in March 2022 in Gateshead. Thanks for listening x
  • 6. EP.6 - A Festival A Parade

    Matt is joined in the hide today by bass guitarist Oliver Winn of rock and roll band A Festival A Parade. As well as his band, Oliver chats to Matt about Sexy Sheikh fancy dress, filling the Meat Loaf-shaped-rock-opera-hole, Drew Michael appreciation and a podcast first - a visit from a male Sparrowhawk or Sperhauk as they discover. Go listen to A Festival A Parade's latest record Company here - Email the podcast your questions here - hideandspeakpodcast@gmail.comTwitter - @hideandspeakpodIG - @hideandspeakpodcastRecorded February 2022 in Northumberland. Thanks for listening x