Hide and Speak


EP.9 - Jeremy Pritchard (Everything Everything)

Season 1, Ep. 9

Joining Matt for a spot of birding in episode 9 is Multi-Mercury Prize nominated Everything Everything bassist Jeremy Pritchard. Jeremy joined Matt before his show in Newcastle while on his UK tour. They chatted about Kevin, the A.I that the band programmed to 'help' write the latest album 'Raw Data Feel' (coming out on May 20th), running while on tour, funny USA morning TV performances, Findo Gask and Dutch Uncles appreciation and finally lifting the lid on the Everything Everything legend Dave Sardine.

Everything Everything - www.everything-everything.co.uk

Jeremy on IG - www.instagram.com/jeremeej

Recorded in a bird hide in April 2022.

Matt's new solo project The Early Purple - www.instagram.com/theearlypurple / www.twitter.com/theearlypurple

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