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  • 5. EP#0025 - From Stress to Success: Unleashing the Superwoman Within

    In this captivating episode of The Hey Mumma Podcast, join host Megan Brown as she sits down with the inspiring guest, Tammy Harper, a Fit Mom Method superstar, managing two businesses, and raising a family.Tammy opens up about her struggles with weight, unhealthy habits, and the challenges of juggling her busy life. With complete candor, she shares how her unhealthy habits affected her mood, relationships, and self-image, leading to a turning point when she realized her snappy behavior was impacting her children.Having tried fad diets and struggling with body image issues, Tammy shares how she found trust in the Fit Mom Method and embarked on a transformational journey spanning over two years. Discover how prioritizing sleep and rekindling intimacy with her husband became game-changers in Tammy's life.Join us as Tammy reveals valuable lessons learned about nutrition, fitness, and strength training, shattering common fitness myths along the way. Witness how her commitment to healthy living positively impacted her family, including her children's healthier food choices and interest in workouts.With hormonal health triumphs and newfound consistency, Tammy shares her empowering advice on giving up excuses and embracing a healthier, happier life.Don't miss this episode packed with valuable insights and practical advice for moms seeking to transform their lives. Subscribe now to The Hey Mumma Podcast for more empowering stories and helpful tips.Key Moments00:00:16 - Meet Tammy: A Fit Mom Method Superstar, juggling two businesses and family!00:00:34 - Tammy's Weight Struggles and Unhealthy Habits: A Candid Conversation.00:02:06 - Over Two Years with Fit Mom Method: Tammy's Journey to Transformation.00:03:07 - How Unhealthy Habits Affected Tammy's Mood, Relationships, and Self-Image.00:04:05 - Snappy Behavior Towards Her Kids: The Wake-Up Call for Tammy.00:05:20 - From Fad Diets to Real Solutions: Tammy's Quest for Lasting Change.00:07:08 - Battling Distorted Body Image: Society's Impact on Tammy's Confidence.00:10:11 - Trusting Fit Mom Method: The Turning Point in Tammy's Transformation.00:13:18 - Prioritizing Sleep: A Game-Changer for Tammy's Life and Marriage.00:15:56 - Balancing Sex Life and Sleep: Tammy's Honest Conversation with Fit Mom Method.00:17:07 - Rekindling Intimacy: How Tammy and Her Husband Made It a Priority.00:18:05 - Diet Culture Shift: Moms' Changing Perspectives on Nutrition and Fitness.00:19:42 - Eat Right, Lose Weight: Tammy's Key Lesson on Nutrition.00:20:09 - Strength Training for Success: How Tammy Shattered Fitness Myths.00:23:00 - Transforming the Whole Family: Tammy's Impact on Her Loved Ones.00:28:08 - Hormonal Health Triumph: How a Healthy Lifestyle Improved Tammy's Life.00:30:36 - Consistency and Support: The Pillars of Tammy's Journey with Fit Mom Method.00:35:45 - Tammy's Empowering Advice: Giving Up Excuses for a Healthier Life.

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  • 4. EP #0024 - Conquering Fatigue: A Love Tale of Unyielding Passion

    Join us on The Hey Mumma Podcast as host Megan Brown delves into a deeply moving and inspiring conversation with her guest, Peter Brown. Together, Megan and Peter candidly reflect on their journey through some of life's most challenging moments, where Megan faced chronic fatigue around five and a half years ago, just eight months after the birth of their child.The couple's honesty shines through as they discuss the impact of chronic fatigue on their intimacy, leading to moments of sexual frustration and its repercussions on their relationship as both partners and parents. Megan and Peter openly share their attempts to rekindle their intimacy amid the challenging circumstances.From the darkest moments, including Megan's diagnosis and the exhaustive search for answers, to the societal pressures and unrealistic expectations they faced as new parents, Megan and Peter's resilience remains unwavering. Their commitment to becoming role models for each other during their journey to healing is truly inspiring.Throughout the episode, Megan and Peter emphasize the importance of open communication, vulnerability, and continuous growth in their relationship. They highlight the significance of understanding and adapting to each other's communication styles and the impact of little messages and touchpoints to maintain connection in daily life.Their insightful discussion extends to tackling gender roles and how embracing emotional clearing and transparency fostered a deeper connection between them. Peter shares how clearing emotional barriers and overcoming guilt and shame played a crucial role in revitalizing their intimacy.Don't miss this emotionally rich conversation that captures the essence of resilience and growth in the face of adversity. Hit the like button, subscribe, and share this episode with others who seek inspiration on navigating life's toughest moments as a couple and as parents. Stay tuned for more heartfelt conversations on The Hey Mumma Podcast!Time Stamps:00:00:00 - 00:00:50: Battling Chronic Fatigue: A Glimpse Into Our Toughest Times00:01:05 - 00:02:04: Concerned Husband's Early Alarm: Unraveling the Mystery of Unusual Fatigue00:02:09 - 00:03:49: Disappointment Amid Hope: Expecting Improvement After One Year00:10:20 - 00:12:10: Exhaustion's Toll on Intimacy: Sleep Deprivation and Emotional Impact00:13:28 - 00:14:48: Facing Fears Together: Sharing Our Darkest Times and Seeking Support00:14:48 - 00:17:41: United in Challenges: Embracing the Role Model Challenge for Healing00:19:54 - 00:20:41: Triumph Over Chronic Fatigue: A Spring of Hope Through Trust and Guidance00:20:49:07 - 00:20:55:28: Open communication and seeking help when needed can strengthen relationships.00:20:56:01 - 00:21:19:02: Understanding each other's needs and ensuring both partners feel secure in the relationship.00:21:19:05 - 00:22:18:07: The importance of feeling supported and having open discussions to improve intimacy.00:22:18:08 - 00:24:04:09: Clearing the "glass" through open communication and vulnerability.00:24:06:26 - 00:26:01:14: Learning to ask for what one wants and embracing vulnerability.00:26:19:17 - 00:28:48:26: Nurturing the relationship and understanding each other's desires and needs.00:28:56:02 - 00:30:17:28: Learning to fight productively and use conflicts as opportunities for growth..00:30:52:28 - 00:31:00:00: Recognizing the importance of understanding and supporting one another during challenges.00:31:00:02 - 00:32:40:28: Understanding the role of mothers and fathers in shaping boys into men.
  • 3. EP#0023 - Mastering Self-Care: Unlocking the Secrets to a Thriving Relationship

    Welcome to The Hey Mumma Podcast! In this captivating episode, your host Megan Brown sits down with a very special guest, Peter Brown, for an eye-opening discussion on the true essence of self-care and its profound impact on relationships.Join Megan and Peter on a journey of self-discovery as they delve into the often-overlooked aspects of self-care that go far beyond just physical fitness and nutrition. Unravel the missing key to achieving genuine balance and harmony in your life.Throughout this heartwarming conversation, you'll explore the transformative power of evening routines in strengthening intimate connections between partners and family members. Discover the rituals that have the potential to not only rejuvenate individuals but also strengthen the bond that ties them together.Get ready to be inspired as Megan and Peter reveal the secrets to nurturing love and support within relationships through conscious self-care practices. Learn how a deeper level of intimacy can be attained by prioritizing your well-being and that of your loved ones.Are you ready to unlock the secrets of a stress-free, loving family environment? Join us as we explore the positive influence of self-care on both individual happiness and the dynamics of the entire household.Don't miss this opportunity to redefine intimacy and connection through powerful self-care routines. If you're seeking ways to empower your love and take your relationship to new heights, this episode is a must-listen.Tune in now and let Megan Brown and Peter Brown guide you toward a life filled with love, understanding, and the transformative magic of self-care.Subscribe to The Hey Mumma Podcast for more inspiring conversations!🙋‍♀️ Connect With MeganInstagram - - Facebook Group -🙋‍♂️ Connect With PeteInstagram - - - 00:00:35:21: The Power of Self-Care: A Family's Journey to Wellness00:00:35:21 - 00:01:39:18: Rethinking Self-Care: Beyond Fitness and Nutrition00:01:39:18 - 00:05:48:00: The Missing Key to Self-Care: Discovering the True Balance00:05:48:02 - 00:10:19:16: Rejuvenating Together: The Rituals That Bond Us00:10:19:24 - 00:17:09:05: Intimacy Secrets Revealed: The Impact of Self-Care on Romance00:17:09:10 - 00:21:03:08: From Stress to Connection: Creating a Harmonious Family Environment
  • EP #0022 Get Ready for Bedtime Magic: Expert Sleep Consultant Shares Mind-Blowing Tips

    Join host Megan Brown on The Hey Mumma Podcast as she dives into the world of sleep training with guest Carlene Rotblat, a sleep consultant, and nurse. In this episode, Megan and Carlene discuss the pressures and expectations on mothers, the impact on mental health, and Carlene's personal journey to becoming a sleep consultant. They explore alternative sleep training techniques, including the "pick up put down" method and the importance of creating a holistic sleep environment. They provide practical tips for better sleep, from adjusting meal timing to manipulating the sleep environment for a calm experience. Tune in to The Hey Mumma Podcast with Megan Brown interviewing Carlene Rotblat, and be sure to visit Carlene's website and Instagram for more sleep training resources.Timestamp:00:00:15 - Introduction to the episode and the guest, Carlene, a sleep consultant and nurse.00:01:00 – Megan’s experience of reading a sleep book and having high expectations.00:02:17 - The host asks Carlene to share her journey to becoming a sleep consultant.00:07:03 - Carlene explains the "pickup put down" method for self-regulation.00:08:14 - The importance of being there for the baby and the holistic approach to sleep training.00:09:24 - Establishing a day-night routine and the importance of a lighter environment during the day and a darker environment at night.00:12:23 - The benefit of having a sleep consultant to address sleep interference and the speaker's personal experience.00:13:07 - The impact of house division on the girls' sleep and the concept of "musical beds."00:15:10 - The importance of exposing babies to natural sunlight during awake time and ensuring complete darkness during sleep.00:18:01 - Setting up the children's rooms to mimic the preferred sleep environment.00:19:16 - Using black garbage bags as blackout blinds in kids' rooms.00:20:03 - The affordability and effectiveness of black garbage bags for blocking out light.00:21:06 - The impact of poor sleep during holidays and the importance of darkening hotel rooms.00:21:21 - Addressing the stigma and misconceptions around sleep training.00:23:27 - The importance of responsive sleep training techniques and creating a sense of safety and trust in children.00:25:18 - Manipulating the sleep environment for a calm and enjoyable experience.00:25:39 - A case example of a child self-settling through holistic adjustments.00:25:56 - The significance of a predictable and secure environment for better sleep.00:26:10 - Impact of disruptions to routines and sleep schedules during the pandemic.00:27:31 - Restrictions on outdoor activities and sunlight exposure.00:28:01 - Natural sunlight's effect on signaling daytime to the body.00:28:32 - Coping strategies during lockdowns and pandemic restrictions.00:29:03 - Engaging in backyard activities and going back to basics.00:30:21 - Specific case of a mother with postnatal depression.00:31:15 - Rapid improvement in the baby's sleep within two days.00:35:28 - Techniques for parents to manage stress during the baby's crying episodes.00:36:12 - Taking short breaks and resetting during sleep training is important.00:38:39 - Consistency and reassurance from parents for better sleep.00:39:13 - Winding down from the stimulation of the day through activities with parents.00:42:26 - Meeting a child's needs creates a warm and supportive sleep environment.00:43:01 - Avoid comparing your child's sleep habits to others'.00:43:41 - Keep the sleep environment simple, dark, and clean.00:44:21 - Transition from contact naps to independent sleep in the crib or bassinet.
  • 21. EP #0021 Family Connection Magic: Insider Strategies with Megan & Peter Brown

    Join Megan Brown in the latest episode of The Hey Mumma Podcast as she interviews special guest Peter Brown. In this episode, they delve into the importance of creating love and connection in a family, reflecting on their own childhood experiences and the motivation to build stronger bonds. They also discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prioritizing love and connection and share practical tips for parenting based on a valuable book they discovered. From finding the balance between discipline and allowing children to be kids to implementing strategies like the 10-minute timer for one-on-one time with kids, Megan and Peter provide insights and personal experiences that resonate with parents. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that offers valuable advice on improving parent-child relationships. Subscribe to The Hey Mumma Podcast and join the community of moms seeking support and inspiration for their parenting journey.Timestamps00:00:14 - Introduction to the Hey Mama podcast and new season focus.00:00:41 - Importance of creating love and connection in a family.00:01:23 - Reflecting on their own childhood experiences and motivation to build stronger bonds.00:02:04 - The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prioritizing love and connection.00:02:24 - Discovering a book with practical tips for parenting.00:03:53 - Appreciation for being seen as a fun and easygoing parent.00:04:08 - Balancing discipline and allowing children to be kids.00:04:42 - Recognizing personal flaws and committing to self-improvement in parenting.00:05:30 - Facing challenges and fears of losing connection with children as they grow up.00:05:55 - Ongoing search for resources and knowledge to support parenting journey.00:06:05 - Mention of a funny little kid named Mary with her own identity.00:06:15 - Establishing connection and attachment with children to avoid yelling or nagging.00:06:46 - Transitioning from one child to two children and new parenting tactics.00:07:33 - Stress of managing multiple children leading to reactive behavior.00:08:06 - Reflecting on repeating old behaviors learned from childhood.00:08:26 - Discovery of a book on getting kids to listen without nagging or yelling.00:09:03 - Frustrations with children's behavior, tantrums, and resistance during dinner time.00:10:46 - Desire for children to listen and be taken seriously.00:11:58 - Importance of meeting children's needs for belonging and significance.00:13:52 - Using the 10-minute timer to connect and allow children to have a say in activities.00:14:48 - Adjusting the frequency of the 10-minute timer and its positive impact.00:16:00 - Emphasizing giving love, attention, and a sense of belonging through the 10-minute timer.00:17:05 - Setting boundaries and providing structure through the 10-minute timer.00:17:38 - Spending 10 minutes of significant time with children daily.00:18:19 - Creating connection time during bath time and encouraging curiosity.00:19:14 - Involving children in daily tasks and slowing down.00:21:00 - Building connections through shared experiences and unconventional activities.00:21:43 - Implementing family meetings and effective communication.00:22:18 - Introduction to family meetings and their purpose.00:24:02 - Discussions about the week's schedule and meal suggestions.00:25:46 - Including game time in family meetings.00:26:59 - Nighttime routine involving discussing favorite moments.00:28:08 - Sharing gratitude and self-care practices.00:29:34 - Recommending the book "The Me Me Epidemic" by Amy McCready.00:31:34 - Key ingredients for a fit family and stumbling blocks.00:32:04 - Action task: try the 10-minute one-on-one time with your kids.
  • 20. EP #0020 Into the Unknown: Our Journey to Building a New Life

    Welcome to the Hey Mumma Podcast, where we dive into honest, juicy, and vulnerable conversations about all things motherhood. In this episode, host Megan Brown sits down with guest Peter Brown to discuss their decision to move to Brisbane, Australia, and the challenges they faced along the way.Key Moments0:00:15 - Introduction0:01:00 - Coming Together and Staying Together: Season 2 Finale Recap0:01:41 - From Business to Family: Making a Tough Decision0:02:30 - Denial About COVID-19: Facing the Challenges0:04:09 - Season 3 Announcement: More Realness and More Stories0:07:21 - Researching High Schools and Making the Big Move: A Couple's Journey0:08:22 - Faith, Logic, and Manifesting: Overcoming Doubts and Uncertainties0:14:17 - From Wild Nights to Big Decisions: Navigating Life's Challenges0:15:23 - The 12-Week Sofa Journey: Surviving and Thriving in a New Place0:21:30 - Keeping Love Strong During Tough Times: A Secret Wedding and Other Strategies0:23:43 - Loneliness and Inspiration: Overcoming Adversity and Inspiring OthersAt first uncertain about how they would get there and the obstacles they might encounter, the couple shares how they ultimately overcame their doubts and manifested their dream of living in Brisbane. From living on a sofa in a gym office space to getting married with their two girls, they offer inspiring insights into how to make the most of life's unpredictable journey.Join us for this heartfelt conversation and stay tuned for the next season of the Hey Mumma Podcast. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more candid discussions about the joys and struggles of motherhood.
  • 19. EP#0019 Unfiltered Confessions Dating Adventures of a Single Mom in Her 40s

    Key Moments:(0:00:15.800-0:00:21.240) Dating in Your 40s: A Single Mom's Experience (0:00:23.220-0:00:28.859) Finding Solace in Shared Experiences: Women in Similar Situations (0:00:34.380-0:00:39.059) Humorous Tales of Dating in Your 40s: Laughter and Lessons (0:00:53.039-0:00:57.660) The Horrors and Challenges of Being a Single Mom in Your 40s (0:01:01.920-0:01:06.900) Navigating the Changed Dating World: A Mid-40s Awakening(0:01:13.439-0:01:17.220) Dating as a Single Mom in Your 40s: A New Experience (0:06:57.360-0:07:01.440) The Luck of Dating: Reflections and Perspectives(0:07:01.440-0:07:06.300) Disastrous First Dates: Leaving Phones in Ubers and Structured Guys (0:07:06.300-0:07:15.900) Dealing with Different Types of Guys and Situations in Dating (0:07:21.300-0:07:24.720) Body Shaming in Dating: A Hurtful Suggestion(0:07:29.400-0:07:33.780) Reflecting on Suggestions and Initial Reactions in Dating (0:07:37.620-0:07:42.599) Knowing Oneself in Relationships: The Key to Authenticity (0:13:47) Figuring Out Who You Are: Lessons from "Runaway Bride"(0:14:16) Prioritizing Self-Knowledge in Relationships: Women in Their 40s(0:14:38) Enjoying Life and Finding Yourself: Reflections on Younger Years (0:21:12.780 - 0:21:24.780) Pre-Qualification in Online Dating: Saving Time and Energy (0:26:49.500 - 0:27:21.059) Building Connections: Friendship First in Online Dating (0:27:26.480 - 0:27:48.120) Navigating Different Dating Sites and Basic Communication Skills (0:32:44.220 - 0:33:00.659) Crafting a Winning Dating Profile: Humor, Information, and Help from Friends (0:33:00.659 - 0:33:20.220) Safety First: Initial Meetups, Code Words, and Public Places (0:33:20.659 - 0:34:26.580) Decoding "Netflix and Chill": Understanding Modern Dating Language (0:34:26.580 - 0:34:40.320) Expert Dating Advice: Insights from Matthew Hussey (0:39:20.480 - 0:40:13.560) Juggling Multiple Dates: Challenges and Complications(0:39:30.359 - 0:41:06.839) Adventures with Dating Apps: Swipes, Ghosting, and Keeping Up Join Megan and Amanda for an engaging and candid conversation about the ups and downs of dating in your 40s, the importance of self-knowledge in relationships, online dating tips, safety measures, decoding modern dating language, and much more. Get ready for a heartfelt and insightful discussion that will resonate with single moms, women in their 40s, and anyone navigating the complexities of modern dating.