The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast

  • Debunking the myths around inclusion: A conversation with Mita Mallick, author and head of inclusion, equity, and impact at Carta

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Christina Cary speaks to Mita Mallick, the head of inclusion, equity, and impact at Carta, a California-based software company that provides ownership and equity management. In this conversation, Mallick, who has also had a long career as a multicultural marketer in the beauty and consumer goods space, discusses her new book, Reimagine Inclusion: Debunking 13 Myths to Transform Your Workplace. She explains how leaders can develop an understanding of inclusion by reflecting on what it feels like to be excluded, the importance of sponsorship, how companies’ commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion are evolving, and how leaders should think about inclusion in a hybrid world. 
  • Mental health and wellness at the top: A conversation about emotional well-being, peak performance, and leadership impact with Dr. Ardeshir Mehran

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Dr. Laryssa Topolnytsky speaks to Dr. Ardeshir Mehran, a psychologist, behavioral researcher, business leader, leadership coach, and founder of the Human Work Studio, about mental health and well-being at the leadership level. In the conversation, Dr. Mehran explores some of the science around the links between emotional well-being and peak performance as well as the neuroscience for feeling better, living better, and leading better.
  • Developing forward-looking leaders: An interview with Peter Attfield, former chief talent and learning officer of Jardine Matheson

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ David Hui and Grace Gu speak to Peter Attfield, the former chief talent and learning officer at Jardine Matheson. Attfield shares how the Jardine Group has met the challenges of the last few years, how the company, the group, and the subsidiaries are preparing for the future, and what leadership skills or capabilities the group is focusing on in terms of both development and talent attraction. He also discusses the shifting of both employer and employee expectations, sharing his insights on the most effective way to communicate about those shifting expectations from both sides of the table, and what he sees are typical mindsets, attitudes, or reactions people should work on changing. Finally, Attfield shares the two or three things from a people strategy perspective he believes there needs to be absolute focus on.
  • Embracing and sustaining a competitive advantage in AI: A conversation with José Pedro Almeida, advisory board member of Intelligence Ventures and top chief AI strategist

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Federico Guerreschi speaks to José Pedro Almeida, a top health AI and chief AI strategist and advisory board member at Intelligence Ventures, an emerging venture capital firm dedicated to cultivating innovation at the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare within the United States. In this interview, Almeida discusses the potential of generative AI and its impact on businesses and healthcare organizations worldwide, explaining how AI-driven digital workforce models can revolutionize patient care and operational efficiency. He also emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts among technology companies, healthcare leaders, and stakeholders to navigate the complexities of AI integration. 
  • Sustainability, technology, and innovation in the chemicals sector: A conversation with Bob Maughon, chief technology and sustainability officer at SABIC

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Will Krents speaks to Dr. Bob Maughon, the executive vice president, sustainability, technology & innovation and chief technology and sustainability officer at SABIC, the global Saudi Arabia–based chemical manufacturing company, to talk about how Maughon has seen the greater chemicals industry evolve over the last five years, particularly in regard to sustainability and digital transformation. He shares what SABIC is currently prioritizing, some big achievements and goals, and also how he is thinking about continuing to build teams to deliver on those goals. Finally, Maughon discusses the benefits of the duality of his sustainability and technology role, and what skills and experiences he believes will be most important for the next generation of sustainability leaders in the chemical industry.
  • The evolving role of the chief communications officer: An interview with Maggie FitzPatrick, founder of FitzPatrick & Co

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Ina Sood speaks to Maggie FitzPatrick, the founder of FitzPatrick & Co and former global chief communications officer and head of public affairs at Johnson & Johnson. FitzPatrick discusses how she has seen the chief communications officer role evolve, particularly given the higher societal expectations for corporations to take a stand on public issues in recent years as well as the growing range of contentious social and geopolitical issues. She shares the leadership capabilities that have been most important to her success navigating these complexities, highlighting the importance of being able to influence others and create followership. She also discusses the blurring of the lines between leadership roles in the communications, marketing, and digital functions, the benefits of having someone on a company board with a communications background, and what skill sets communications leaders should focus on if they are looking to join a board in the future.
  • From scientist to founder: NMD Pharma’s CEO Thomas Holm Pedersen discusses leadership, innovation, and the future of biotech

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Martin Holm speaks to Thomas Holm Pedersen, the CEO of NMD Pharma, a clinical-stage biotech company with novel treatments for neuromuscular disease. Pedersen shares how he founded the biotech company and became CEO, sharing the capabilities he needed to learn right away. He discusses the foundational strengths that technically experienced CEOs have that nontechnical CEOs may struggle with in leading a biotech, as well as how he keeps up with different aspects of the growth of the organization including fundraising, hiring key talent, and fostering that culture of growth. Finally, he shares his advice for other biotech founders coming from academia and how he sees the future of the biotechnology industry unfolding.
  • Leadership styles in the legal profession: A conversation with Dr. Larry Richard, founder of LawyerBrain

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Victoria Reese speaks to Dr. Larry Richard, the leading expert on the psychology of lawyer behavior and the founder of LawyerBrain, a management consulting firm that exclusively serves the legal profession. Richard, who over his career has analyzed over 25,000 lawyers, shares what he thinks makes lawyers different and how they can best create relationships and environments for collaboration. He also discusses the biggest difference between a successful law firm partner and a successful general counsel and, for those in legal who may want to move into different roles—for example, general counsel or chief legal officer roles—what specific leadership skill sets and capabilities they should focus on developing the most. Finally, he offers advice to organizational leaders for how to best engage and communicate to ensure they are getting the best outcome out of the lawyers they work with.
  • Talent strategies in a decentralized business and the CHRO's value at the board level: A conversation with Angella Alexander, CHRO of ATS Corporation

    In this next episode of The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Scott Bae speaks to Angella Alexander, CHRO at ATS Corporation, a leading industrial automation solutions provider listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and member of the board of CCL Industries, a global specialty packaging pioneer and the largest label company in the world. Alexander begins by sharing her journey to becoming a public company CHRO and board member, and then turns to the biggest challenges facing leaders responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining leaders, focusing on the balance between hiring externally and developing leaders internally—particularly in a decentralized business—and culture’s role in talent strategy and management. Finally, she discusses the most important areas of expertise that a CHRO can bring to a board of directors and offers advice to other HR leaders who want to serve on boards.