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Alfie Stirling and Lara Spirit: The budget breakdown

Alfie Stirling chief economist at the New Economics Foundation and Lara Spirit Red Box reporter at the Times join Alan Rusbridger discuss today's budget.

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  • Kim Darroch: Is the UK ready for Trump 2.0?

    Kim Darroch, who was the UK ambassador to the US from 2016-2019, joins Ellen Halliday to discuss how likely a second Trump presidency is and how the UK and Europe should prepare for it. In a wide-ranging conversation that covers Trump's domestic agenda and foreign policy regarding Nato, China, Ukraine and Gaza, Darroch argues that there are steps the UK can take to help Trump-proof our geo-politics. 
  • Timothy Garton Ash: Ukraine, Navalny and the survival of the west

    Leading European historian Timothy Garton Ash joins Ellen Halliday to discuss the death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, the challenges facing the Ukrainian armed forces and the west’s unpreparedness in dealing with Putin.
  • Going cash-free: a world without money

    Physical cash is dying—but should we be worried about the consequences, or leave that to conspiracists and cranks who are concerned about digital payments? Author and journalist Stuart Jeffries joins Ellen Halliday to discuss what the payments of the future might look like, from cryptocurrency to Amazon wishlists, as well as an unusual group of rebels who are burning cash to make a point.Read Stuart's feature here.
  • Prospect Lives: Looking forward and reflecting back

    This month, some of our writers are looking towards the future while others are reflecting on the past, reassessing their hopes and beliefs. Sex worker Tilly Lawless is in a new kind of relationship with new norms for communication while actor Sheila Hancock is renouncing republicanism, after developing an affection for the Royals in her older age. Meanwhile, Sarah Collins, who suffers with OCD, reflects on how a health incident from years ago has sparked a present-day obsession—and a chat with his father gives Tom Martin pause for thought about his physical fitness on the farm.
  • What motivates Hezbollah, Iran and the Houthis?

    So far, since 7th October, Hezbollah has held back from an all-out war with Israel. How long can that last? And, as tensions rise in the Red Sea, what motivates the Houthis, Iran and the “Axis of Resistance” in the Middle East? Simona Foltyn, an independent journalist, writer and videographer, joins the podcast to discuss what she’s seen and heard.
  • Argylle: Taylor Swift's first novel? Or not...

    When Swifties spotted connections between their favourite singer and a new spy thriller, Argylle, a theory took hold: was the book, ostensibly by a debut writer Elly Conway, actually written by the reigning queen of pop? Why did Apple Studios pay £200 million to adapt a book that hadn't even been published yet? And what does the mystery of Argylle say about the publishing industry and online fandom today? Assistant editor Sarah Collins and Books and Culture editor Peter Hoskin join Ellen Halliday to get sleuthing. 
  • Daron Acemoglu: The Top Thinker of 2024

    Economist Daron Acemoglu is officially Prospect's Top Thinker of 2024. A professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Acemoglu is an expert in labour, technology, development and political economy. His work tackles a difficult problem: how can we ensure power and reward are shared fairly as technology remakes our world? Acemoglu joins Prospect contributing editor Tom Clark on the podcast to discuss all that, plus democracy, liberty and the institutions that uphold them.
  • Peter Kellner: How accurate are political polls?

    Legendary pollster and political analyst Peter Kellner joins Ellen Halliday and assistant editor Emily Lawford to explain how political polling works and to assess how effective it is at predicting election results. He also trails his new Election countdown column, which will launch on the 29th of January and will give a weekly dose of analysis in the run-up to the UK general election.
  • The Rule of Law: Why Britain should be ashamed of the Rwanda Bill

    As the Safety of Rwanda Bill returns to Parliament, Helen Mountfield, Murray Hunt and Richard Hermer discuss the myriad ways it breaches international law and undermines the rule of law.