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  • Taking on the e-Sports industry with Bernard Chong

    Episode SummaryBernard Chong discusses his journey in the eSports industry and the importance of teamwork, strategy, and education in gaming. He shares insights into managing eSports teams, selecting players, and dealing with conflicts. Bernard also emphasizes the need for patience, continuous improvement, and exploration in both business and personal growth. Additionally, he discusses his involvement in investing and helping others, as well as the influence of comics and reading on his mindset. The conversation concludes with Bernard's thoughts on the future of eSports and his plans for the future.TakeawayseSports can serve as a training ground for young individuals, teaching them valuable skills such as teamwork, strategy, and resilience.Teamwork is crucial in eSports, and a cohesive team is often more successful than a team of individual superstars.Patience and continuous improvement are key to success in eSports, as well as in business and personal growth.Exploration and learning from various sources, such as books and comics, can broaden one's perspective and enhance creativity in the gaming industry.Chapters00:00 - Introduction and Background02:14 - Starting Brand eSports03:19 - eSports as a Training Ground04:39 - The Importance of Teamwork05:25 - Supporting Players Behind the Scenes07:09 - Taking Care of Players' Needs08:22 - Player Selection Process09:01 - Cohesiveness in a Team10:55 - Dealing with Conflicts in a Team11:24 - Risk and Purpose in eSports13:05 - The Importance of Practice and Patience14:09 - Continuous Improvement in eSports15:20 - Investing and Helping Others16:26 - Choosing Business Partners18:06 - Working on a Social Media Platform19:05 - The Power of Platform-Based Games20:10 - Expanding the Team21:20 - Acquisitions in the eSports Industry22:34 - The Growth of eSports23:11 - Diversity in eSports23:56 - The Influence of Comics and Reading26:18 - The Importance of Exploration and Learning27:27 - Learning from Different Books28:01 - Understanding Your Flywheel29:31 - The Foundation for Education30:49 - The Role of Patience31:34 - Producing Digital Assets32:26 - Continuing to Grow33:04 - Closing Remarks
  • 141. Xbox gamers beware | Twitch meets Crunchyroll

    Microsoft makes another major (and questionable) move in the month following the closing of their Activision Blizzard deal. The removal of all third-party controller support including those for disabled gamers. This comes on the heels of the previous announcement that they plan to also remove user-generated game save captures from their servers starting in January 2024, it's been a roller coaster of highs and lows for the Xbox community.►Timestamps00:00 Introduction01:43 Xbox to remove third-party controller support07:42 Recent Microsoft moves10:32 Is Game Pass actually hurting Microsoft?17:59 Kitcaster podcast agency20:25 Twitch and Crunchyroll partnership31:25 GOTY discussion and predictions43:51 OutroSupport the show: Patreon: https://patreon.com/osnmedia
  • 140. Who will claim Game of The Year for 2023

    What are the best games of 2023? In this episode, we discuss player predictions for the upcoming December Game of the Year awards. With 2023 being a strong year for games across the board there is no doubt that the polls will be close this year. What are your thoughts? What game would you like to see take the crown for 2023?Timestamps00:00 Introduction01:07 What is Game of The Year?04:55 Gamer predictions for GOTY18:27 Battle pass saturation20:49 The secret Xbox business model25:38 Final thought/OutroSupport the show: https://patreon.com/osnmedia
  • 139. Microsoft's mistake will cost you

    Microsoft is causing waves through its Xbox community again with its recent term changes on OCT 1st stating that starting in Jan 2024 game captures uploaded to their servers will start being deleted after 90 days. While it may seem minor to avid gamers, many casual players are furious over the uncalled-for change. What is the reason behind this and will it potentially be rolled back? Or are we seeing the first of many consumer experience changes? We also discuss our hypothesis over Phil Spencer's ambiguous statement regarding game pass and Xbox for 2027.Timestamps00:00 - Introduction02:04 - Microsoft plans to delete game captures in 202405:17 - Microsoft's plans and Game pass 08:58 - What happens if Xbox leaves the industry in 202711:57 - The 90-day deadline13:14 - The removal of collection value14:50 - Calling out the extreme theories18:32 - Microsoft's business tendencies21:04 - Final thoughts
  • 138. The Comeback Kid Called Cyberpunk

    Cyberpunk 2077 is another game to have a great comeback story. After it's initial rushed launch in 2020, CD Project Red returned and completely revamped the game bringing us the futuristic title we all wanted and that they had originally planned for us. With the recent launch of Phantom Liberty, Night City has never felt so alive.Timestamps00:00 - 12:00 The GZ journey12:00 - 22:18 Cyberpunk 207722:18 - 33:43 Baulders Gate 3/Mechwarrior/Armored Core 633:43 - 34:58 Final thoughtsCheck out our other links:► Website: https://osn-media.com► Audio editing services: https://osn-media.com/podcast-audio-editing► Merchandise: https://www.osnmediashop.com► Patreon: patreon.com/osn-media► Kitcaster: https://kitcaster.com/gz-chop
  • 137. PlayStation Plus PRICE HIKE: Are We Paying Too Much?

    Have you noticed your streaming services getting more expensive? With the recent price hikes in PlayStation Plus, Disney Plus, and more, it's become harder to keep track of your monthly expenses. Are these streaming services worth their new prices? Find out in our video discussing whether streaming services have become the new cable and if they are worth it. Get the answers you're looking for about PlayStation and other streaming services now!Support the show:Patreon: https://patreon.com/osnmediaMerch: https://www.osnmediashop.com/More links:►Website: https://osn-media.com► Audio editing services: https://osn-media.com/podcast-audio-editing► Merchandise: https://www.osnmediashop.com
  • 136. Starfield Review: Did Bethesda Fail to Deliver?

    What are your feelings on Starfield? Were you disappointed in what the game had to offer after all the hype? In this episode, we take a closer look at Bethesda's new title and dive into whether Starfield delivered on its promises, or if it was the fanbase that overhyped it. Get ready for an honest critique and discussion – let's see if Starfield lived up to its expectations!Support the show:Patreon: https://patreon.com/osnmediaMerch: https://www.osnmediashop.com/
  • 135. ARMORED CORE VI: What to Expect in FromSoftware's Newest Title

    Get ready to experience the world of Armored Core VI like never before - it's coming out in less than a month! FromSoftware is back and bringing their famous mech-action series back to life after a 10-year hiatus. Hear our thoughts on this upcoming title and everything it will bring - from fast-paced combat, detailed customization options, and an immersive storyline. Don't miss out on the next chapter of Armored Core VI.► Support this showPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/osnmedia/memb...Be a GZ Chop Shop member at https://plus.acast.com/s/gzchopshopVisit our website: https://osn-media.com/Continue the conversation at: https://discord.com/servers/osn-gamin...►Affiliate LinksWe use Riverside: https://riverside.fm/?utm_campaign=ca...
  • 134. Triple-A Game Developers vs Indie Game Makers: Who Is Winning In 2023?

    Are Indie games changing the gaming landscape today? From immersive graphics to above-and-beyond storyline arcs, many of these smaller-budget titles are knocking Triple-A games out of the park. Find out why in this exciting video: we explore how indie games are creating more enjoyable player experiences - and why they're winning against major studios who may be more focused on revenue over quality. Get ready to find out why indie games are ruling the gaming world!► Support this showPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/osnmedia/memb...Be a GZ Chop Shop member at https://plus.acast.com/s/gzchopshopVisit our website: https://osn-media.com/Continue the conversation at: https://discord.com/servers/osn-gamin...►Affiliate LinksWe use Riverside: https://riverside.fm/?utm_campaign=ca...