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The video game industry is a billion-dollar market that is increasing every year. But do you know what's going on beyond what you play on your screen? Join hosts Greg (ProjektItachhi) and Daniel (Warnurse) for weekly rec

The REAL problem with Microsoft

Ep. 112
In case you missed it, the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) gets involved with Microsoft’s plan to acquire Activision Blizzard, which is currently deemed as the most significant government opposition Microsoft has encountered.In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we discuss Microsoft’s move on acquiring Activision and how this bold move should terrify every gamer, every console owner, and every PC owner out there. We talk about how Microsoft has been buying up IPs after IPs, how these tech companies end up fighting over who gets to own the most, and the impact of this acquisition to all the gamers. Tune in and listen to our thoughts about this, and do let us know what you think about this crazy move as well! Quick episode summary: 00:58 Thoughts on Microsoft acquiring Activistion Blizzard06:41 The Federal Trade Commission calls foul18:10 Microsoft trying to buy anything tied to gaming 29:10 Is the Xbox really superior?32:15 History on clogging up the graphics card game 35:34 Could there be super secret servers all over the place?Support this show a GZ Chop Shop member at our website: us on social media: Instagram

Let's talk Game Awards

Ep. 111
One of the things that makes Elden Ring so great is that your character’s growth is based on you. The action you take actually matters.  In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we dove right in and talked about Elden Ring’s well-deserved win as this year’s Game of the Year Award winner. Every year, this award is given to recognize the game that delivers the best experience across all creative and technical fields. And Elden Ring definitely delivered in terms of creativeness and the technical areas. Listen into the full episode as we also discuss the games that Elden Ring was up against, the quality of games that FromSoftware continuously develops, and the insane amount of money the people are willing to pay per month to play Fortnite. Quick episode summary: 01:04 - The winner of Game of The Year for this year’s Game Awards 17:53 - FromSoftware and the quality of their games 20:21 - Let’s talk about Destiny DLC briefly 30:25 - The other nominees for Game of the Year 38:31 - New criteria: Content Creator of the Year42:26 - How much money you spend to play gamesSupport this show a GZ Chop Shop member at our website: us on social media: Instagram

Locked and Loaded with TheBulletMaiden

Ep. 110
“For me, it's that stuff that makes COD worth it—it's not so much about getting five kills or whatever. It’s about the experience and having fun doing silly stuff.” - TheBulletMaiden In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we discussed a wide range of topics, and had the opportunity to share our perspectives with content creator Anya, also known as TheBulletMaiden. We talked about the Call of Duty franchise, the changes in being a content creator, and our thoughts on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.So many things are changing with the games, the algorithms, and content creation platforms, so make sure to tune in and always be up to date. Quick episode summary: 03:33 Thoughts on Modern Warfare 207:26 Did Warzone save COD or did COVID COD?11:01 Remembering the games in highschool 21:43 How COD has become more competitive over time 32:45 Content creation and how it has changed  47:09 Can you get royalties from the games?60:02 Thoughts on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Connect with TheBulletMaiden: Twitch this show a GZ Chop Shop member at our website: us on social media: Instagram