Grownup Hustle


Shit adults never taught us with Author - Natasha Sattler

Season 1, Ep. 13

Am I successfully adulting? Is this how you do it?

Join me, as I chat about all sorts of adulting life hurdles, with Natasha Sattler, author of the great new adulting life manual "Shit adults never taught us".

We discuss not having your needs met in relationships.

The who, what, where, when, why approach to conflict resolution.

How to pick yourself up, stand on your own two feet and learn to be your own person.

The societal pressures of having to know "who you are" as an adult.

Being accountable for your own bullshit in relationships.

Finding the "perfect person" (insert eye roll here lol)

Imposter syndrome and so much more!

It's an awesome listen, with a relatable topic for everyone who tunes in.

Dani xx


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Honestly I'm ok; Suicide awareness, grief management & removing the fear of asking for help with mental health blogger- Carley Njie

Season 1, Ep. 12 been afraid to reach out and ask for help?You are not alone.TRIGGER WARNING.On this week's show, I'm joined by Carley Njie from the Instagram platform @Honestly.I'm.okAfter losing 4 family members in 4 years, Carley shares with us her story of suicide, loss, and the fear of reaching out to ask for help as a mother.We openly discuss grief management and loss, EMDR therapy, suicide awareness, and how to reclaim your mental health, and find hope once more.Carley has created an online community providing both support and awareness for mental health, and removing the stigma surrounding this subject by being open and honest, so others know they are not alone.This show does have some tears but it also has a lot of positivity and hope too.I hope that for anyone out there struggling, be it with mental health, grief, or dark thoughts that hearing Carley's story can help support you.Also below, please find various organizations that can help with the issues discussed on the show.Dani xxInstagram- -'s man club.Providing talking groups for men's mental health and encounter.Providing free professional bereavement to children and young good grief trust.Helping all of those affected by grief and sudden