Growing Through Grief


The Growth Pathway Through Grief

Ep. 1

I’m Diana Curtis and welcome to the Growing Through Grief podcast. I’d love for you to sit back, take a nice cleansing breath, and join me for a weekly sprinkle of education and inspiration. I want you to let me be your champion for growth. 

I’m a mother of three, grandmother of five, and a Georgia native. After the loss of my own mother at a very young age, I spent years struggling with feelings of mistrust, abandonment, isolation, and betrayal. I'm here to teach you how to normalize, recognize, and use grief as a tool for growth, not suffering. 

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my own struggles with grief, my quest to find who I truly am, and the awakening that brought me to you. Let me share with you my story of love, loss and my own growth pathway through it all. 

Tune in and listen to the first episode of Growing Through Grief. Join me and get ready to receive the tools, principles, and skills you need to achieve the moment of lift that brings you from pain to gratitude. Gratitude to finding meaning in life after your loss.   

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A little about why I started this podcast at this point in time (01:45)
  • A bit about my background and my personal experience with grief (04:39)
  • An example of how hurt people hurt people (08:30)
  • About the coping mechanisms I was using for my grief (10:47)
  • How I began my journey as a spiritual life coach and grief recovery specialist (15:30)
  • What you should expect going forward? (18:16)  


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Bringing Attention to Inherited Family Trauma

Ep. 65
Whether or not we are aware of it, trauma is a massive transformative force. It molds the way we think and also how we see, react to, and accept reality. In other words, we are a byproduct of our traumatic experiences and the mechanisms we developed to deal with them. However, that doesn't mean there is nothing we can do about it. In this episode, I invite you to bring conscious attention to your inherited family trauma. We learn how to look at it with compassion and curiosity, recognize our responses, and modify our reactions to it. We think of inherited family trauma as a group responsibility and not an individual experience. Plus, we learn mechanisms to accept and embrace painful memories, to allow them to go through us, and, more importantly, how to let them go. We also learn to accept our truth, and I share three points to consider when bringing attention to inherited trauma.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What does it mean to bring attention to inherited trauma? (3:58)Addictions are evidence of family dynamics (8:31)You can let go of most of the things you are carrying (12:15)What if you accept that traumatic experience you endured as a child? (20:29)Three points to remember when thinking of your inherited family trauma (22:06)Your job is to remember the best is yet to come (26:35)Resources: Compassionate Heart Community - Contact Me NowLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

Jane Duncan Rogers | Before You Go Solutions

Ep. 64
We make a conscious effort to learn how to grieve a loved one. We are aware of the challenges we might be forced to face, the pain we must endure, and the growth we should seek. But what about our own transition? How prepared are we to talk about it? In this episode, Jane Duncan Rogers visits us to encourage the conversation that no one likes to think about, yet everyone should. Jane is the Founder of Before I Go Solutions, a non-profit dedicated to creating end-of-life plans. She is an Author and Facilitator specializing in conversations about dying, death, grief, bereavement, and end-of-life planning, and was the first person to lead You Can Heal Your Life® study groups in the UK, inspired by the book of the same name by Louise Hay. Throughout our conversation, Jane shared the story of how one of the chapters of her book, Gifted by Grief, originated a discussion about end-of-life conversations. We go through Jane's grief journey, her emotions after losing her husband, and how she dealt with them. We also talk about front door/back door feelings, normalizing feeling angry, creating a living will, advanced healthcare directives, and so much more. Some Questions I Ask:I heard you say you and your husband went through cancer together. Would you share a little bit about that? (5:55)Could you talk a little bit about the work you started decades ago, about healing yourself? (15:28)In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Jane's book, Gifted by Grief, and what people loved about it (3:51)There's nothing like facing the end to see things more clearly (7:13)What you feel, you can heal (15:41)Anger is not necessarily a bad thing (18:21)Some of the things we should take care of while we are still here (25:34)Never judge yourself for the feelings you have (40:12)Resources:websiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterBook: Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss, and RebirthBook: Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End-of-Life PlanGrowing Through Grief System - Book NowConnect with Jane:LinkedInLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together