Growing Through Grief


Move The Grief

Ep. 10

After two weeks of the devastating building collapse in Miami, I've decided to record this podcast to send a message to those waiting for news from their loved ones, those dealing with loss, and everyone dealing with the grief that is everywhere. 

In this episode, we will discuss the importance of moving the grief and having a curious and friendly approach to it. We will dive deep into what we need to allow grief to move in and out of our bodies, and the relevance of being present and letting ourselves feel the pain and the grief. I will also share some tips to make moving the grief easier and help those grieving the loss of a loved one. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Accepting that grief is real, it is an emotion (2:54)
  • How to let the grief move in and out of our bodies (3:52)
  • Remember that grief wants to express itself (6:24)
  • The number one challenge in life people are afraid to feel (10:27)
  • Four tips to help ourselves to move the grief (12:37)

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Diana Curtis | How to Live Live Victoriously

Ep. 41
Do you know where you want to be in your growth journey by the end of the week, the month, or the year? Setting clear expectations is the first step to succeed in any area of life, growth and self-development included. After we know exactly where we are going, we get to define how we'll walk through that path.In today's episode, inspired by the apparition of one of heaven's representatives, we talk about living a victorious life, designing our life book, and connecting with ourselves at the deepest level. We pause for a moment and think about relationships; first, the relationship with ourselves, and then, we reflect on our relationship with others. I share one of the 12 categories in which I've designed my own life book, my 2022 game plan.We also touch on the importance of being ok with feeling uncomfortable, being really clear and intentional about our expectations, and why we must assume total responsibility for our thoughts and actions.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A beautiful white bird on the roof. A conversation with the one that speaks without words (1:51)What does it mean to live a victorious life (5:21)We tend to forget about the power of emotions (8:34)Stop hiding; let the creative you take control (12:10)One of the 12 categories I based my life book in. The power of nurturing our relationships (15:01)We must be crystal clear on what we want to achieve (21:03)Resources:Growing Through Grief System - Book NowEp#32 - Choose to Make it Right Inside YourselfLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief TogetherEmail:

Diana Curtis | Learn How to Grieve, You Will Grieve Less

Ep. 40
Since we all will have to go through grief sooner or later, we should learn how to make our grieving processes easier. Learning how to grieve to suffer less is possible; it requires a reasonable effort, and the reward is enormous.In today's episode, we will effectively go through the process that will help us deal with our grief in a less painful and growth-promoting way. We start our journey by identifying the different parts of ourselves, what parts of our behavior are under their control, how they interact between them, and what we should focus on to get the best out of them.We discuss the need to include a divine element into our grieving process, whether we call it God, essence, or spirit. We analyze the attacks suffered by Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. We look at the darkness, the unresolved pain coming from the Senators, and the light, the humanness glowing from Judge Jackson. In the end, we practice a five minutes meditation that will help you meet with yourself and receive the power of being anchored to the power of spirit.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Grief is a holistic experience (1:57)Self-awareness is a must if we want to learn how to grieve (3:47)The importance of acknowledging our logical and divine self (7:25)How to invite our divinity into our grieving process (12:27)Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's story (13:43)A meditation session to meet with ourselves (21:32)Let's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief TogetherEmail:

Stop Holding Back | Allow the Nature of Who You Are to Grow

Ep. 39
Inspired by the renewal Spring brings to life, I decided to take a pause, reflect, and celebrate the growth and progress I've made over the last months. One of the things I've been committed to during the previous year was being very intentional about my self-awareness, and I've noticed some changes I would like to share today.In this episode, we delve into the three main areas of my self-awareness journey that I've noticed a fantastic evolution in, and I'm sure you will find it very useful in your own growth journey. We explore the importance (and the difficulty) of being present, experiencing a deeper connection with our feelings, and preventing our hearts from traveling back to painful memories or the future into the fields of uncertainty. We touch on the relieving sensation of experiencing more acceptance and surrendering than resisting and the peace of letting our true self reach the surface.In addition, we highlight the importance of actively practicing gratitude to keep us centered and aware of our efforts and their results.In This Episode, You Will Learn:What I've learned about the relationship between my tendency to resist and the importance of acceptance (2:01)The importance of being aware of our two parts, the one that wants to heal and the part that is afraid to heal (4:42)About the importance of letting our true self reach the surface and take control (7:36)The vital importance of being present (despite how hard it might look) (10:53)We must create space to appreciate how far we've come (14:38)We are unstoppable when our mind is quiet (18:32)Resources:Growing Through Grief System - Book NowLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief TogetherEmail: