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Edy Nathan | How Sexual Trauma and Grief Become Sexual Hunger

Ep. 51

Healing from abuse, especially for women, who understand and feel their bodies as their "queendom," their sacred castle, is extraordinarily challenging and multilayered. That healing process could translate into never letting anyone touch them again or opening themselves to everyone. It could also become an eating disorder, getting a bigger and thicker shell to protect the self.

Visiting us today is Edy Nathan to talk about sexual grief or the response to a sexually traumatic event and how to dance with grief instead of rejecting it. 

Edy is an author, keynote speaker, licensed therapist, and grief expert. She is a certified sex therapist from the American Association of Sex Therapists, a hypnotherapist, and an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) practitioner with more than 20 years of experience.

In this episode, we dive into Edy's grief stories, childhood traumas, and how she got into the grief recovery realm. We talk about the importance of creating our rituals of wisdom, using toys and games to reconnect and develop the self, and the importance of active listening when trying to help others deal with their grief. 

We also talk about generational trauma and why women must reunite and stop competing with each other. Edy kindly shared a beautiful story, full of golden nuggets of wisdom and bits of her new book, which is soon to be published. 

Some Questions I Ask:

You lived in this multicultural environment and then moved to an all-white one. And those experiences there created some grief experiences. Could you talk a bit about that? (7:47)

What things did you do to support yourself during that moment of your life when you felt you didn't belong? (13:31)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Edy talks about her grief experiences in life (9:45)

Edy explains how games and playing can help us rebuild ourselves and how playing with clay helped her (13:32)

Edy talks about the importance of identifying what kind of hunger we are feeling when we feel the urge to eat (19:08)

Edy describes the importance of listening to those suffering and grieving (26:26)

Edy and Diana talk about generational trauma (32:13)

Edy shares details of her new book (40:37)


Edy Nathan's website

Book: Edy Nathan - It's Grief: The Dance of Self-Discovery Through Trauma and Loss

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