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Aurea McGarry | How to Move Through Life Without Mom

Ep. 4

After escaping from domestic abuse and going through a contentious divorce, Aurea was informed that her mother had three more weeks to live. She had already lost her father when she was a teenager, murdered by mobsters, but it was the loss of her mother, almost 15 years later, that put her on her knees. She experienced an arduous grief process and learned that it is essential to have ongoing resilience, live day by day and to the fullest every single moment of our lives. 

Aurea McGarry is an Emmy Award-Winning TV Show Host, Producer, and Director. She serves as a judge for the Emmy Awards and the Board of Governors. Aurea is a Speaker, Emcee, Founder of the Live Your Legacy Summit event series and Aurea McGarry Productions. She is also the Author and Co-Author of 8 Self Help Books. 

In 1999, Aurea was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She got half of both lungs removed, her thymus gland, the lining around her heart; they disconnected half of her diaphragm, and they also removed the left nerve to her vocal cord. She was told her voicing would be limited to a soft whisper. However, she fought for her recovery and promised that if she got her voice back, she'd use it to be the voice of good news and spotlighting good in people. 

In this episode, we talked about Aurea's journey of growth by grieving her mother's death. She kindly shared her story and the challenges she faced during such hard times. We talked about the different levels of grief and how they're different in each one of us. We talked about the timeframe for healing and the importance of reaching out and looking for a community of liked-minded individuals who can help soften the pain of a significant loss. 

Tune in and listen to this episode of Growing Through Grief, and learn about Aurea's fantastic story of growth, faith, and unbreakable willpower.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Please, would you share with our listeners one of your most painful losses? (2:11)
  • How did it feel for you to be in that period of loneliness, having lost your mom after coming out of domestic violence situation? (15:13)
  • What was one thing that took you the longest to learn? (25:03)
  • What are you up to now? And how are you serving the world? (30:40)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A knife in the heart. How painful was Aurea's experience losing her mother after her divorce (4:01)
  • The timeframe of healing. Why we start feeling less pain with time (8:10)
  • The wounds of isolation and separation. How hard it was for Aurea to live in silence and alone with her daughter (15:03)
  • It is never too late. Aurea talks about her Emmy award (22:09)

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Although all of us know deep down in our hearts that our parents will leave us at some point, it is still hard to deal with their loss. It is a tough call, even for grief and trauma specialists who have the tools to deal with grief more gracefully than someone unprepared.Visiting us today is the amazing Professor Theresa Agostinelli, a Certified Mental Health and Wellness Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Certified Psychotherapist, and a Trauma Recovery specialist. She is also CEO, Licensed Psychotherapist, and Professor at Glen Mills Coaching and Consulting, and Speaker, Coach, and Teacher at John Maxwell Team.Professor Theresa's mother is in the final stage of her life after battling for a couple of years with dementia. In this show, she kindly shared how she and her family are dealing and getting ready with her mother's transition. We go through the importance of dealing with trauma and grief to prevent some conditions, learning to accept and forgive, and human's need for looking for meaning in every life event. Theresa also talked about the interesting concept of developmental stages of grief and why it is essential to acknowledge the different ways people grieve at different ages.Tune in and listen to episode 28 of Growing Through Grief and take a close look at anticipatory grief and the best way to get ready for a loved one's transition.Some Questions I Ask:Would you like to share a little about yourself and then share a compelling grief story? (2:42)How does someone with your background deal with the transition of her mother? (5:40)In my mind, trauma happens first, then we grieve, and if we don't heal the grief, it could lead to mental illness. What's your perspective on that? (9:54)In This Episode, You Will Learn:What are some of the tools Professor Theresa is using to deal with her mother's transition (7:28)How can we transform grief into temporary suffering and not a chronic pain that sticks with us (13:18)How powerful acceptance and forgiveness can be (16:25)What are the developmental ages of grief (20:54)Resources:Glen Mills Coaching & Consulting websiteConnect with Theresa:LinkedInInstagramFacebookLet's Connect!FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInWebsiteFacebook Group - Growing Through Grief Together

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