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Life Lessons & Stories from a Psychic Medium with Corbie Mitleid

Ep. 54

Have you ever been to a medium to attempt to connect with a loved one that has left Earth?

In this episode together, I am joined by Corbie Mitleid. She is a world renowned psychic medium as well as a  Certified Tarot Master, Certified Professional Tarot Reader,  past life specialist and ordained minister. Corbie shares her expertise as a psychic medium in her books The Psychic Yellow Brick Road and You’ve Got the Magic, Who Needs a Genie? In her book, Clean Out Your LifeCloset, Corbie encourages readers to write their own story of change based on their history, life experiences, and personal goals.

Throughout this episode, Corbie talks to me about her background, life lessons she has learned, and the books she has written. You will hear about her experiences as a psychic medium, why she decided to write her book Clean Out Your LifeCloset, her perspective on grief, and so much more. 

Tune in and listen to episode 54 of Grief and Happiness, to hear from top psychic medium, Corbie Mitleid!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Corbie’s journey to becoming a medium (2:00)
  • About Corbie’s book, Clean Out Your LifeCloset (12:21)
  • The difference between satisfied and content (18:09)
  • Corbie’s books that focus on her work as a psychic medium (20:14)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Stop Being Afraid Of Talking About Grief with Colin Campbell

Ep. 132
Once we stop being afraid of the pain, talking about those we lost and focusing on our love for them becomes easier. In this episode, I'm joined by Colin Campbell, the father of Ruby and Hart, who were killed by a drunk driver when they were 17 and 14. Colin is a renowned writer and director for film and theater, nominated for an Academy Award, and winner of Best Writer, Best Director, and several Best Film Awards. He is currently presenting "Grief: A One Man Shitshow," written and performed by him with tremendous success. Colin also wrote "Finding The Words: Working Through Profound Loss with Hope and Purpose," which offers an alternative way of coping with loss and grief based on his experiences and pain processing. We had a fantastic conversation about society's inability to talk about grief, Colin's decision to explore this issue through art with his tragic-comic solo show, and the importance of taking action and doing something with our grief instead of being passive recipients. In addition, we chat about Colin's book, how facing the fear of pain can help us move forward, and so much more.Listen to episode 132 of Grief and Happiness to hear more about Colin's grief story and the tools he used to avoid being paralyzed by it.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about the tools Colin discovered while navigating his grief (3:20)Part of being humans is talking about the events in our lives, including the traumatic ones (8:10)How to allow ourselves to experience joy without compartmentalizing grief (11:10)Colin shares advice on how to approach someone grieving (15:00)How grief groups and therapy can help us navigate grief (22:10)How facing the fear of pain can change our lives (25:20)Resources:Book: Colin Campbell - Finding the Words: Working Through Profound Loss with Hope and PurposeConnect with Colin:WebsiteLet's Connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestThe Grief and Happiness AllianceBook: Emily Thiroux Threatt - Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief
Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Putting Pen To Paper For Grief Release with Joel Harris

Ep. 130
It doesn't matter how long it takes or how many years have passed after losing a loved one; writing about it will always make you feel better. In this episode, I'm joined by the Memoirist, Voracious Reader, and Author Joel Harris. Joel advocates optimism in grieving and has a magnificent talent for turning real-life events and anecdotes into captivating stories. After Joel's son died tragically trying to save a dog from drowning, he decided to keep his memory alive, and, using his extraordinary storytelling talents, he wrote "Searching for Steve." Throughout this episode, Joel talks about how putting pen to paper helped him cope with his son's tragic death and how getting in touch with other grievers helped him realize he wasn't alone, nor the only one suffering. We also discuss the healing properties of the written word, our dreams' role in writing, and the importance of paying attention to serendipity in life. Additionally, we learn about Steve's life in Nicaragua, his role as an educator, the grit he showed throughout his life, and much more. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Joel talks about his lifelong passion for writing (2:10)A bit about Steve's life in Nicaragua (10:50)About Joel's book and how he included Steve's point of view in it (19:40)Dreams and literature (26:10)Joel shares his thoughts on formal education, and we are teaching our kids (32:00)About Steve's impact in a troubled country (38:30)Resources:Book: Joel Harris - Searching for SteveConnect with Joel:WebsiteInstagramLet's Connect:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestThe Grief and Happiness AllianceBook: Emily Thiroux Threatt - Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief