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The Great Debate: More or Less Sensitive and Celiac

Season 1, Ep. 1077

On today's Celiac Project Podcast:

Are there really people with celiac disease who are "more sensitive" than others? Mike shares his latest family get-together and how even after 14 years of being diagnosed with celiac disease, making a documentary, having a podcast and otherwise shouting from the rooftops, this condition can still be confusing--even for folks who think they understand the disease. Mike and Cam also talk about the level of awareness of Crohn's and Colitis as they relate to celiac disease, and why we celebrate Celiac Awareness Day, which was just last Wednesday.

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  • 1118. Gift Ideas Part 2

    Little GF Chefs has developed scrumptious baking kits that are gluten-free, without artificial dyes, and free of the most prevalent food allergens like nuts, soy, eggs, and dairy. Their goal is to encourage and enhance self-esteem through enjoyable baking experiences.Kits come in a variety of options, including Unicorn Donuts, soft pretzel bites, and gingerbread houses, and are perfect for any season or just for some daily fun.Visit Little GF Chefs to shop!ModifyHealth is an answer to prayers: an ALL gluten free prepared meals company! All meals arrive frozen and are simply heat and eat. Their focus is nutritiously balanced meals developed by a dietician, and everything they offer is gluten free, organic, and non-GMO. They have a great variety to choose from, too - perfect for when food fatigue sets in from eating the same meals over and over. Gluten Free meals from ModifyHealth are perfect when you need something quick and can be easily stored in a dorm freezer. I was able to stack quite a few without using much freezer real estate. First-time orders get a nice discount too.Visit Modify Health to sign up!
  • 1117. Gift Ideas Part 1

    Are you looking for some gift giving (or receiving) inspiration? Here are some of my favorites:Words With Boards https://wordswithboards.comGF Jules Pizza Lovers Kit: Cards for Local GF Businesses: Eats: use code AndreaTucker for 10% offI only recommend products I would use myself. This post contains affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, may earn us a small commission. Thank you so much!
  • 1116. Product Warning: Whole Foods Flaxseed

    From Gluten Free Watchdog: Product Warning for Whole Foods 365 organic whole flaxseed for errant grain. This product is NOT labeled gluten-free. The grains in the photo appear to be wild oats but it is hard to know for sure without physically examining and testing them. Under U.S. standards, flaxseed is allowed to contain a certain percentage of “other” grain, including wheat, barley, rye, oats, and wild oats. The same information also applies to other grains, seeds, and legumes. This is why it is very important to choose (whenever possible) naturally gluten-free grains, etc. that are labeled gluten-free.Please follow Gluten Free Watchdog on social media and at
  • 1114. How to Make Sure You're Getting the Nutrients You Need on a Gluten Free and Vegan Diet

    If you're vegan or vegetarian the most important thing is to make sure you get all the nutrients you need. As long as the diet is well planned and varied, it can meet nutritional needs.According to Registered Dietician Katarina MolloThe main nutrients of concern with these diets are:• vitamin B12• vitamin D• omega-3 fatty acids• calcium• iron• zinc (2)Main nutrients of concern with GF diets:• low fiber• high fat• more sugar and high fructose corn syrup• low in certain vitamins and minerals:◦ B vitamins◦ Calcium◦ Magnesium◦ Iron◦ Zinc
  • 1113. Gluten Free Takeaways from 2023

    On today's Celiac Project Podcast:As the end of the year draws near, Mike and Cam reflect on their biggest takeaways from 2023 from a celiac and gluten free perspective. They come away with a wide range of observations, some that affected them very personally, and others that they see as larger issues that impact all of us.List of 100% gluten free business that ship nationwide: episode of the Celiac Project Podcast:
  • 1112. Fighting Hunger on Giving Tuesday

    Helping out a Gluten Free Food Pantry is a great activity in honor of Giving Tuesday. There are a handful across the country that could use our help! Gluten Free and allergy-friendly foods can cost up to 450% more then their counterpart products. This means that for some individuals and families, a medical diagnosis requiring a gluten free diet can lead to a severe financial strain. Gluten free food is rarely available at food pantries, leaving few options for getting affordable, safe hunger relief. Low – income individuals are often forced to choose between health and hunger. Thankfully, a few gluten free, allergy-friendly food banks have opened across the country to address this need. Please consider helping one of the dedicated food pantries that serve those living with food scarcity and a dietary restrictions.S.A.F.E. Food Pantry: Columbia, MDThe Rachel Way Food Pantry: Plymouth Meeting, PAFood Equality Initiative: Kansas City, MOGluten Free Food Bank (run by the National Celiac Organization): Newton, MAMend Hunger
  • 1111. A Gluten Free Gift Basket Company - and a Chance to Win a Basket!

    Calli McPherson is a special business owner: she has Celiac and her business serves the gluten free community. After her diagnosis, she founded William James gifts, a gluten free gift basket company that ships curated gluten free products all over the world. Calli and I are giving away one of her special baskets. To enter, send a future podcast idea to I'll be picking the winner at random on midnight, November 30th. Good luck!Website:
  • 1110. My Thanksgiving Wish for You

    Happy Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful for you!